Code Geass R2 OST 2

I’m currently listening to the Code Geass R2 OST 2. I’m loving it. I mean…they all put quite a lot of effort into it and it’s really hard not to love the tunes they use. Listening to it even makes me wanna go watch the anime from the beginning again. -laughs-

About the picture up there…oh..I just felt like putting it there..-laughs-

I love Lancelot Albion. It looks sooo pretty. ♥ -laughs-

CD Cover

CD Cover

1.  僕は、鳥になる。 (Boku wa, Tori ni naru.)
2. Boy from Britannia
3.  Aura
4.  Overwriting
5.  The Ruins as they were
6.  Eleven
7.  No Sentences
8.  Dark activity
9.  Guren
10.  What’s Justice?
11.  Blue Tiger
12.  Showdown
13.  Le Repos Du Guerrier
14.  Sub-chairman
15.  Forbidden City
16.  Last Evening
17.  Cheese
18.  Pure Feelings
19.  And more…
20.  Eternal Separation
21.  Desperation
22.  Reversed Thinking
23.  Theory Outside
24.  Memory Museum
25.  Nunnally
26.  Birthplace
27.  Misconduct
28.  Check Mate
29.  After the War
30.  Continued Story

Available Downloads

DDL → Rapidshare [not available yet]
DDL → Mediafire: Track 1-16 + Track 17-30

I have been waiting for this OST ever since ever. -laughs-

I was really excited to get my hands on it since this is where I can finally hear If I were a bird…‘s vocal version. Turns out, it has a different name. Boku wa, Tori ni naru.

Hitomi Kuroishi’s songs always get to me. Her unusual way of singing is so soothing that I love it. ♥

-sigh- too bad I won’t be hearing from her when Code Geass R2 ends tomorrow. -pouts-

Well, I guess I can always listen to her songs that I have here. Hehe.

Anyways…I’ll upload the ost on rapidshare for anyone who wants to download it easily. I’ll edit this post when I upload it. ^_^

EDIT: somethin’ wrong with Rapidshare…uploaded it on Mediafire though. :’o Had to split it coz MF only allows 100MB when uploading. :’3


11 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 OST 2

  1. fred says:

    thanks for the link

  2. Wija-chan says:

    Nuprob. =’]
    ^_^ glad to be of help.

  3. shaolinie says:

    omg thanx for the link to this epic soundtrack of the epic anime

  4. shaolinie says:

    btw rapidshare also allows not more than 100 mb for free download 🙂

  5. Wija-chan says:

    Nuprob. :’3
    Yea, I know. ^_^

  6. Iris says:

    This is awesome!!
    thank u so much ^^
    i hope there’s an SP coming out or movie 😀

  7. Wija-chan says:

    Aww…I guess it’s ok to dislike the ending. ^^
    Everyone’s got their own taste for an ending, right? ;’3
    Anyways, you’re welcome. ^_^
    It is awesome! xD
    I also hope a SP or a movie would at least come out. :’3
    Take care. :’D

  8. azisli089 says:

    i wish there will be a part 3 or code geass season 3 that all thxn!!!!!!!!!

  9. Rosi says:

    THANKS FOR THE OST, IS GREATTTTT!!!!!! Muchas Gracias

  10. Juliana says:

    I snagged the OSTs via Mediafire! Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it ❤

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