news: Skip Beat! Anime Taiwanese TV trailer

Promotional trailer has been released.

We’ve been waiting for a long while now. This took a lot of time! I can’t believe the Japanese doesn’t even have one on their page yet.

Oh well…

Is it just me…or does Ren look so weird? It’s frustrating! Even Shou looks better than him! Well, Kyoko’s black long-haired version looks cute! I just hope they don’t change so much of the story line..and I hope they don’t take away the “middle-finger” when Kyoko shows it to Ren! Haha! That’s hilarious! -laughs-

I guess it’s not disappointing. Coz the animation isn’t really bad. I’m not expecting much. I just hope to see the hilarious parts get animated and also the funny faces, the great expressions, the hilarity still alive in the series.

So I’ll be waiting. I still love Skip Beat! even though the anime isn’t THAT great. ♥ (in terms of animation)

October 5! Come already! xD


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