Code Geass R2 End: Thoughts

I wish...

I wish…

This post contain spoilers!
Don’t blame me if you get spoiled! D:
I’ll eat you if you do! RAWR! xD

So Code Geass R2 has now come to an end.

I don’t know about you guys…but that ending was good. Sunrise has its way with people. I’ve come to love most of the series they’ve made that I’ve seen.

The ending for this series was beautiful. I wasn’t expecting for that to happen. But it was a good ending nonetheless. I didn’t expect more or less from it.

For one, I don’t really know what to expect from the ending. I was just hopeful that Lelouch or Suzaku wouldn’t die. Unfortunately the both of them “died.” lawl
-or so we thought.

Well, I didn’t believe Suzaku died. But it really felt as though Lelouch totally died there. But seeing as it was his plan…oh well.

But I do believe that he’s alive.

“I…destroy…world. Create…it…”

Sunrise always tend to do that. You think they’re dead..but the next thing you know…they’re alive…

So, I wish to believe that he’s alive…travelling with C.C. Most likely he’s that wagon-driver. C.C wouldn’t talk so freely especially if someone else is there….unless the actual person was really present. Plus, C.C tends to talk to “someone” only when she’s alone. Plus she looked upwards when she was asking “Lelouch.”

I doubt Lelouch would be in the World of C either. He’s not like Marianne. His geass is different from Marianne’s geass.

And…when I saw Orenji-kun’s smile, I was pretty sure he knew something. Also, if he knew that Lelouch would really die, he would refuse to have Suzaku kill Lelouch. It would be over Orenji-kun’s dead mecha body!

So…Lelouch is most likely immortal and that he just didn’t want Suzaku to know! Coz he’s supposed to be punished. Plus it’s unfair too if he dies, taking all the blame for all the sins that his family have made.

I also realized when Zerozaku came out and Lelouch smiled that “just-as-planned” smile, the thing about Schneizel to obey only “Zero” was just as he planned it as well.

I’m amazed. Amazed by the fact that that was what he had planned before he became the 99th Emperor of Britannia. So that was the reason why C.C was worried in the shadows at first. I was always stuck to Lelouch…I was never doubtful for one second, coz I know he has his reasons for doing the things he did.

The moment Nunnally saw what happened in the past with Lelouch…the moment she finally realizes that he was gonna sacrifice himself for the good of everyone’s future…that moment…was definitely the tear-jerker moment that totally had my tears gush out immensely.

I was crying the moment he was talking with Zerozaku and when flashbacks of the two of them discussing about his plan were shown. I cried for an at least an hour…on and off and I had a horrible migraine, my jaws hurt too and my eyes were puffy and stingy. MY eyes are still puffy and very stingy right now…my migraine is still present, even though only a little since my mom gave me medicine already…but I’m afraid to cry more. So I’m currently forcing myself to not cry…coz I’m pretty sure all those painful happenings will come back. O_O I don’t want it anymore…I wanted to cry about it being painful but if I do so, it’ll be worse…so I’m really trying hard not to cry anymore.

I’d like to laugh so yea…I guess I’ll find things to laugh about it. -laughs-

I was crying my heart out when I was trying to finish this screenshot. -points at the pic above- T_T

It was bad for my heart..I feel as though I was being stabbed over and over. (no pun intended) So, I’m sharing it so you Lelouch fans can also feel my pain. (seems awful though lol)

Even though I believe that he’s alive…the thought of him dying this way was just totally too painful to watch. Yet, I watched it over and over and cried my eyes out. (The reason for all my pain…o_o migraines and such…)

Anyways…Code Geass is by far the BEST anime I’ve ever watched. I thought Gurren Lagann was AWESOME, but I dunno. Code Geass weighs more in my heart though…even though I watched Gurren Lagann after Code Geass and between Code Geass R2’s 20+ episodes. =’/

But, I have no doubts that Gurren Lagann was GREAT too. In its own way. It’s just I really REALLY LOVE Code Geass more.

Ah~ I just rambled on an on. -laughs-

I seriously still have a headache…my eyes are absolutely stingy. >_<

I think I’m glad that the one to kill Lelouch is not someone else, but Suzaku. They’re best buds after all. I think it’s one-sided…or is it that Suzaku finally forgot about Lelouch’s sins from back then?

Anyways…I feel as though when Orenji ordered to quickly run away as soon as the people ran towards them when Lelouch was “killed”, he was the one to bring Lelouch away.

I’m curious as to how Suzaku would do his job as “Zero.” I think he’d still be able to do miracles coz he has accepted a geass…it would seem. When he stabbed Lelouch, that’s when it was activated…Lelouch’s code, I mean. That’s also prolly when they had a quick contract? Maybe? Well, Suzaku said he accepts the geass, then that could only mean one thing, right? *.*

Heh, also Suzaku’s an idiot. No offense. He can’t possibly wittingly think of a succesful plan, yes? He would most likely charge head on without thinking. -laughs-

Seriously, I mean no harm to you Suzaku fans…I’ve become one myself. Although at first I was only a “DORKzaku” fangirl, now I can proudly say I’m a Suzaku fan. All hail Zerozaku! -laughs-


Or should I say…L.L? -laughs-

It should have been Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch L2…haha! JK? x’3

(EDIT: Over the years, I may have already changed my mind though… I’ll never know unless I re-watch the whole series again though.)


28 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 End: Thoughts

  1. Vinay says:

    I would like to say that this has definitely been one of my favorite series to date. Despite the fact that we want to believe that Lelouch is alive, I think he is dead. The fact that C.C. tears up is a big push towards this idea. When they talk about Suzaku inheriting the geass, rather than the contract I believe that this refers to the isolation of the geass, and how Suzaku will face this isolation. I think if Lelouch is alive, it makes the ending that much less special, his dead and sacrifice creates the brilliance and greatness of his character.

    P.S. Thank you for ost 2. Continued story is an amazing song to end the series.

  2. Wija-chan says:

    You’re welcome. :’D
    after thinking it out after this post.
    I’m rather confuse than being neutral about it all.
    I now say he’s dead, but still believe he’s alive.
    But when I see others debate that he’s alive, I would prolly say a contradicting comment…
    and if someone said he’s dead..I’d still contradict something that’s not very convincing. *_*
    So I could care less now.
    I really LOVE Lelouch..
    so I’m in denial that he’s really dead.
    I want to believe he’s alive…(even if jokingly. xD)
    It doesn’t matter…really.
    Sunrise tends to ALWAYS end it in a somewhat subtle way..which frustrates me coz they’ve done this on every series I’ve watched that were made by them. -scratches head-
    I’m just gonna stay quiet now.
    This series is AWESOME. Period. xD

    Thanks for leavin’ a comment. ^_^

  3. Zenon says:

    damn have nothing special to say…
    Code Geass definitely the best anime i ever saw, at first its remained me Death Note, its a brains and strategy war, what makes the anime awesom.but GOD DAMN I WATCHED THE EPISODE 3 TIMES AND ALWAYS CRIED !!! although my friend, a piece of shit told me that Lelouch will die since i was in hospital for a week (started the day that the episode was released). damn but although this fact the ending was dramatic and unexpected ! even i know he would die… this way of dying is a brilliant! although all i read above about maybe he alive… and he with C.C at the moment, the fact that the wagon-driver was shown about 5 seconds and the second shot they show closer his side + the C.C talking about geass with a stranger man ? ~weird~
    anyway its giving a hope that Lelouch is alive. but as we know Lelouch, when he choose a planpath he sticks to it like we can see in Nunnaly case, although he heard what she said about sacrifacing them both with the Democlas,he sticked to the plan and used Geass on Nunnaly !! she like Holy maria for him, he would NEVER WANTED TO DO SO but he did case he believed his death will make the world for better place for Nunnaly to live and he thinks he is not good enough for this world that he sakes for Nunnaly so he ends up with dying .. but on the other hand while writing all this i though for a second, maybe he really the wagon-driver? cause we can see in the last 3 episode that he loves C.C and have a crush on her… so maybe he wants to live with her in peace so he made up has death so no one will sake to find him?

  4. Wija-chan says:

    I’d like to think of the same thing really. ^^
    They did promise that he would make C.C smile, but if he really died, wouldn’t that break his promise of making her smile? Instead, he made her cry.
    But the subtle hint by the end of the episode makes it feel like he’s alive…
    but everyone says that he’s dead coz if he’s not, all the things he has done up at that time would have been in vein. :'[
    It would look like he didn’t die honorably either. D:
    But really…I’m confuse. I’m sticking to the fact that he’s dead…and yet still believing he’s alive. -laughs- xD

  5. Zenon says:

    no way he is dead all i mentioned before … in addition the fact that jeremia is smiling instead of crying for lelouch death? beside when i though of it another time, jeremia always served lelouch and truly royal to him than again he work in the field which we guess C.C speaks to lelouch so maybe they passed to other place to live with only few ppl knowing it and suzaku crys cause its a way to say goodbye .. cause they will never meet again because the cant ..

  6. Wija-chan says:

    Yea, Jeremiah is LOYAL to Lelouch..I really doubt he’d let Suzaku kill him. D:
    Lawl, never thought of that..I think I’ll keep that in mind from now on. xD

  7. Derrick says:

    I really liked Code Geass too, and it was a heartbreaking ending, not to mention that soon after that Macross Frontier also ended T_T
    I do believe that he is still alive, but we won’t be seeing any more series of Code Geass, unless they decide that Suzaku and his aids will be completely useless so that Lelouch will have to come forth and unite the kingdom again.
    That, or there will be an uprising against Brittania again so that Lelouch will have to help them.

    I remember when Gundam 00 ended with Celestial Being being attacked and they all semmed to have died, but now in season 2, most of them apparently survived :O

    I will really miss Code Geass, and I will never forget what a brilliant anime series this was!

  8. Wija-chan says:

    I hope so too!
    About helping them because Britannia wishes to do stupid things again! D:

    Yea..Gundam 00 is yet another series by Sunrise..remember that. xDD

  9. Derrick says:

    Yeah I surely noticed -_-‘
    Oh well, no reason to cry now since we got a new season.
    The end of season 1 really stuck however 😥

  10. Wija-chan says:

    -pats- there there..D:
    I dunno how you feel about it..since I’ve not finish the first season…^^;
    It’s kinda taking awhile and I’ve filled my disk drive so I dunno where I could download the other episodes. o.o
    But hopefully..within this week I’ll be able to send the other series I have on here and put them on another disk drive..if not in a CD. :’o
    I really REALLY wanna finish the series already..
    I remember the other day..I was soo into watching it..but I had to stop it coz only ONE episode is left of what I’ve downloaded so far. -_-;;
    Wish me luck that I could buy something tomorrow to solve my problem. x’3

  11. Derrick says:

    Good luck on finding more storage space ^^
    I used to burn completed anime series on DVDs but they take so long loading videos from, and I rarely watch them twice so now I just delete them after viewing them.
    still, loads of space goes to anime series that I haven’t watched yet 😛

  12. JasmineSpirit says:

    Exactly! Everything that you wrote conveyed my feelings about the awesomeness of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2! I cried– literally sobbed- when I watched the ending of the last episode. Everything was too much– how it was just a brilliantly-executed plan, how Lelouch would die so that the world would unite… How Suzaku, as Zero, killed Lelouch… My heart pained when I realized what was going to happen, when Lelouch smiled when he saw Zero. T.T

    I really hope that Lelouch would actually die– it seems to me that he was really sincere about his real intentions to change the world for everyone else, even though he had to sacrifice his own life to do it. It was his redemption for forcing the geass on people, even on his beloved sister Nunally… To let him live, travelling with C.C as an immortal would be contradicting his beliefs and the sacfrifice for the world. And also, poor Kallen if her love for Lelouch is in vain. 😦 Yes, I’m a KallenXLelouch fangirl, and even though it didn’t work out, the ending was simply magnificient. Everything fell into place… except the heartbreaking death of Lelouch.

    Code Geass was by far the best anime that I have ever watched, and Lelouch vi Britannia is my favourite character of all times! I simply loved this anime much like my obsession with Death Note– a person that could change the world…


    p/s: Wija-chan, I really love the way you write– what you’ve written made me feel like you know exactly how I felt about the ending of Code Geass. 🙂 Is this your personal blog? I’ll drop around and chat with you someday. 🙂 Sorry for writing too much– I have a tendency to gush about animes. If you know of an awesome anime with a storyline like Code Geass, please recommend to me!

    <3, JasmineSpirit

  13. Wija-chan says:

    -scratches head-
    I’m a re-watch kind of person…sometimes even if I didn’t find it that long as I have something to watch, I’ll re-watch it. xD
    Anyways, I finally have more space. My mom bought me 1terabyte HD. :’3
    I’m happy…she commented that’s still not enough for me though…and I agree very much. xD

    Ah…I know how you feel…it was so obvious. D:
    Plus…that running Zero gave it all away that it was Suzaku. xD

    Well, I didn’t want him to die…but it was the noblest thing to do. I think it’s better too if he’s dead. All the things he wanted to change were fulfilled because of his plan.

    Yep, by far the BEST anime I’ve ever watched. ^_^ I’ll think about it once I finish Gundam 00…lawl! xD Just kidding..maybe..x’p
    I have to say, Lelouch is definitely one of the best anti-hero characters out there. =’o
    He’s just lovable. Light’s not lovable…since a lot of people hate him..and most of those people love L more. xD
    But if you compare Lelouch with Suzaku…Lelouch has more fans than him. xD
    I’ve just recently become a Suzaku fan though..:’p Hehe.

    (I’ve been shouting that since the first season! xD Lawl)

    PS. Glad you love the way I write. :’D It makes me happy that others feel the same way I do. -wipes tears- lawl xD
    Yea, it’s my personal blog..(I think..xD) I used to have like a blog long time ago…but the website don’t work no more. ^^;
    So I made one in LJ, but I never use it. xD
    I’ve just recently learnt about WordPress but I never made an account until now. xD
    And…I’d like to share what I think about the anime I watch…it’d be also nice if there are others out there, like me and you, who feels the same things as I do with the anime’s I’ve watched. It makes me happy that I’m not alone with my thoughts. ^,^

    I’d be glad to have you chat and talk to me a lot. Feel free to stop by as many times you want. :’D
    Nah nah, I write too much myself, so it’s nothing. xD It’s ok. x’3
    We all have tendencies to ramble and ramble about the things we love. xD So I understand you. -giggles-
    Well…awesome anime…have you watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? That’s another anime that I really love. ♥
    It doesn’t have a similar storyline but it’s definitely an awesome anime. x’3
    It may not be that great in the first episodes, but once you past two episodes, it gets really interesting and enjoyable. :’p

  14. Zenon says:

    ppl why you think that its better if lelouch died ?
    after making all this to advance of the world, i think he should stay alive and watch it happens. unless if he dont care if everything will go as he planned or vas versa

  15. Zenon says:

    oh in addition i like Lelouch Vi Britania much more than Zero (though its the same person in different times)

  16. JasmineSpirit says:


    Sorry for the late reply! It was quite hard trying to find this page again, since I accidentally deleted the past history page that day. XD

    I myself is a Lelouch fangirl– who isn’t?– but I have to admit, I disliked Suzaku in R1. Only in R2, after the Charles and Marriane arc, did I start to like him as a character.

    Oh, in Death Note, at first I preferred Light to L, but after some time L grew on me. XD I really loved the anime version, but DN’s ending sucked. 😦 Have you seen DN 3: L saves the world? (live-action version) I watched it some time ago and it was really dissappointing, since it was just a lame spinoff from the awesome manga-turned-anime-turned-movie. -sigh-

    How’s Gundam 00? The second season just primered last week, didn’t it? I’ve been meaning to watch it for some time now, most likely become of Code Geass’s mecha), I have to admit. My exams are coming quite soon, so unfortunately I won’t be online much after this. Can you tell me the summary of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? I’ll check it out soon, in a few weeks. 🙂

  17. Wija-chan says:

    I prefer Lelouch, it’s him either way you put it. xD
    In a way..I like Zerozaku too..xD

    Yea~ Lelouch FTW. ♥
    I preferred Light in the beginning..L never grew on me though. xD
    I was still on Light’s side until the end. I didn’t mind the ending for Death Note, but I agree…it’s not that great. Oh well. -shrugs-
    I’ve not watch the 3rd live-action movie. D: Neither the 2nd. I was only able to watch the 1st. ^^;
    If I find the time, I might just download the 2nd and 3rd. :’o

    Gundam 00 is great. I love it. (Yea…I say the same thing for any other anime I like. xDD)
    I’ve watched gundam series long ago. :’o So I try to check the others to see if they can rival the old gundam series I came to love before. x’3 Lawl
    So far, Gundam 00 is great. :’3 The battles are amazing and the characters are great. ^_^

    As for Gurren Lagann…
    “In their closed-off underground village, Kamina and Simon chafe at the limits imposed by the village elder. Yet all this will change, when Simon stumbles across a fantastic device – just as the village’s peace is broken by a violent intrusion.”
    It’s about a kid who gets a hold of a mecha (in the series it’s called a Gunmen) and uses it to fight the gunmen who enters their underground village. He’s helped by his big-brother figure, Kamina, to believe in Kamina and not himself coz Kamina believes in him. (Quite confusing, ahaha~ but that’s his FAVE motto. :’p) and they’re helped by a woman named Yoko to save their village. After learning that there’s a life overground, they decide to stay up there and fight gunmen to save the mankind that’s force to live underground. :’o

  18. Derrick says:

    @ JasmineSpirit
    I can honestly say that I am not a Lelouch fangirl! xP

  19. Wija-chan says:

    -dies of laughter- xDDD LAWL!
    That made my day! xDDD Ahahaha!!

  20. Amarantine says:

    Hi people. Dont know any of you but all my friends are anime haters and the ones who watch dont watch code geass and the ones who watch code geass hate Lelouch (thoes bastards) and the ones who don’t hate Lelouch think he and Suzaku are gay (WTF!!!! >8[…)

    anyway, i so glad You people are different! its kind of funnt, all my really awsome friends are the ones i never see ^.^” I LOVE CODE GEASS!!!! it my favorite anime ever!!!! I CANT BELIVE THEY CANCLED IT DDDDDD,’X

  21. I cried so hard too! I was watching the japanese version with subtitles, and I cried so much I had to pause it so I could wipe my tears in order to read it. I stayed up all night watching the last 5 episodes. And the thought of Lelouch dying made me avoid all kinds of Code Geass videos. . . for all of 10 minutes ^-^

  22. ヨセフ says:

    That was by far the saddest ending to an anime I have every seen… I accept that Lelouch is dead. As soon as Suzaku killed Lelouch tears literally poor out of my eyes, and next thing I know I am about to grab the screen with sadness. This same thing happened when Euphemia started killing the Japanese (though I did laugh when she said “please die”), it was a bit to sad for someones will to be taken over and abused… and she completely refused it too. The series as a whole was a complete tear jerker… I am a guy… and I have never seen such a sad and amazing anime.

    But one question… How come we never got C.C.’s name?

  23. ヨセフ says:

    Not to mention the death of Shirley…. Second most sad thing in the anime.

    • Wija says:

      i agree. Shirley’s death was grieving as well. i couldn’t hate Rolo when he did that, but having been a Shirley fan…that really broke my heart. ; n;

      personally, i had to giggle a bit at the “please die” by Euphie too…but the end of that episode was painful as well to watch. Suzaku was crying…that has never really happened before… but that was also the catalyst for him to hate Zero with all his might. which pretty much made my heart break once again…since his got pure hatred growing inside of his heart, most likely wanting to avenge Euphie…not knowing that the enemy used to be his close friend. :<

  24. ヨセフ says:

    Yeah, I don’t think my eyes can handle watching it again, my tear supply would run dry. Honestly I didn’t cry when Rolo died, I still have a grudge on him for killing Shirley. When Lelouch became emperor it was kind of a moment where you were forced to hate him throughout his reign.

    One of the most gratifying moments is when Nunnally finally opens her eyes, but I wish that would’ve happened at a different moment, but I still believe she literally can’t walk (Meaning it had nothing to do with the Geass). Even though I wish they would make a season so so bad, I deep down believe it would just ruin everything for me.

    I still stand by that are forced to hate Lelouch when he became emperor, because even my most favorite characters like Rivalz and Prez started to reject him, it was very sad that the entire empire of Britannia hated him with all their hearts (Excluding all the sub-main characters).

    • Wija says:

      lol, weeks of grieving for this anime was enough for me. that was the worst cries i’ve ever had, aside from that time i lost my grandmother a long time ago…

      it’s amazing how much, in such a short time, this anime became a part of my life…and was really able to squeeze emotions from me. (but then again, i am a sap, and just about almost any sad thing i see will make me cry. lol)

      i was actually torn between disliking Rolo for killing Shirley, but was also empathizing for his character…since he was alone all those times, and even though he knew that Lelouch might just be using him…he believed in him, and wanted to stay by his side. just by that self-satisfying thought of his, that as long as someone needed him, he’s fine if he’s being used… i couldn’t help but pity him… i have so much empathy for every single one of the characters that i couldn’t even think of hating any of them by the end of the series. (i mean, at the beginnings… i hated so many characters…by the end of it, i had none; it just shows how much i empathized with all of them, no matter which role, and no matter how minor)

  25. Dashboard says:

    The ending was truly sad indeed…
    In the end, I actually accept the fact that Lelouch has died, because it makes the series a lot more touching and..well you get the point.
    When Lelouch died, it was one of those times where I couldn’t bear..I mean, I kept having these constant thoughts, like for example, ‘No, don’t die!’ I was beginning to even wonder if I was dreaming, if he actually lives in the end of the show and will continue to.

    But, boy, was I wrong? I just at first couldn’t accept it. It was tragic, yes, yet a little while later, when it showed Suzaku in the zero suit, while everyone was shouting of happiness and whatnot, I began to realize Lelouch actually is better off dead. And what I mean by that is that he supposedly planned his death from the start and was willing to go through all this horrid just to give Nunally a peaceful life. How thoughtful.

    The looks of Lelouch’s friends, like Kallen for example, made his death even more depressing and all. Kallen was starting to be better friends with him yet he died suddenly in front of everyone. I’m sorry, that look on her face was so tragic. Friendship, it’s the most powerful relationship, in my arrogant opinion!

    BY THE WAY, Wija-chan,
    I liked reading your thoughts on Lelouch’s death. Sad ending, it was.

    • Wija says:

      Thank you for the comment. And yep, sad ending… I seriously have no idea if I still think he could be alive somewhere. I mean, at least it’s not impossible in the world of Code Geass, so I won’t close off that idea. Though, I also, honestly agree that Lelou would be better of if he’d really passed away. All the hard work he’s done was for everyone, after all. He freed himself, and the Japanese. Though he selfishly worked his way for personal matters…he realized things can’t go on that way…
      Anyways, again, thanks for the comment. By the way, do I know you? :O (or are you the one who used to comment? Different name so I’m not sure :o)

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