D.Gray-man Episode 102

This episode’s full of action. Just what to expect of D.Gray-man, really.

So in this episode, Words of Promise, in the beginning we see Lenalee reaching for her innocence that fell to the ground when Level 4 attacked Hevlaska while she was trying to synch the innocence on her. The Level 4 akuma still has its foot on her head.

While she reaches for her innocence, she remembers that in the past she would hope everything were all but a dream. No Millennium Earl, no akumas, no innocence. She’ll wake up from the nightmare and be relieved about it. She will then see smoke from outside her room and she turns to where it’s coming from and we see Komui conjuring up an experiment cooking something for breakfast.

I'm gonna die if Komui is my cook...xD

They smile at each other.

But then the scene goes back to her reaching for her innocence. Fortunately, Allen comes to stop Level 4 from killing Lenalee. Once Level 4’s far away from her, Allen and Level 4 starts to battle, but with Level 4 with the advantage. Allen already has a weak body after all he was also at the fight in the Science lab when the akuma attacked there first.

So once Lenalee was free from the akuma, she was finally able to touch the innocence. It glows an even bigger green light, and Komui sees this from below. Worried that his sister has finally started to synch with her Dark Boots.

Lavi tries convince him to go where Lenalee is at, also telling him that she’s doing this for her brother. He tells her that he should stay with her since he’s her brother. But Komui tells him that he doesn’t know what to do.

But! Kanda to the RESCUE!

Imagine a lecture from someone who usually doesn’t care what happens to everything? Wait, that’s not usually…he always don’t care. He shouts at Komui that listening to him is such a bother and it pisses him off. He then asks what is Komui’s purpose for joining the Black Order. Those words hit him like a rock thrown to his head and starts to reminisce the times when he would always be waiting for Lenalee to come back from a mission, or those times when he would be the one to tell her “Itterashai” or “have a safe trip” as she replies “ittekimasu” before she leaves. Finally realizing this, Komui stands up from Kanda’s kick and tries his hardest to walk to where Lenalee is at.

As Lenalee still glows green while holding her innocence. Her decision was for her innocence to give her strength to save everyone in the Black Order. Promising that she’ll follow her innocence until the day that everything ends. Before she finishes her promise to herself and to her innocence, Komui finally arrives before her. She then finally says her promise would be that in the end, she’ll come back to her brother.

The innocence then liquidizes on her palms. With that, she gazes up at her brother, a smile upon her face. “Ittekimasu, nii-san” (I’m off, brother).

Komui fans would prolly kill to see his tears. Sincere ones, that is.

She then drinks the liquified innocence. With that, Komui tries to stop her while calling out her name. But once he gets to her, she has already swallowed all of it. A spurt of blood suddenly comes out from her feet and Komui is surprised by it all.

Allen suddenly comes to view, still battling with the Level 4. The akuma lets out a huge attack at him and he tries to stop it with his sword. Trying his best to stop it, Kanda and Lavi helps him by holding the sword along with him and pushing to stop the akuma’s power.

With Hevlaska finally up from the akuma’s attack, she tries to check Lenalee’s condition. Komui worries about his sister that the blood won’t stop gushing from her feet, with Leverrier only thinking of the innocence and that if it’s living properly inside her body.

At long last, the three, Lavi, Kanda and Allen finally pushes the powerful attack of the akuma. With Allen on the floor catching his breath, Lavi launches a sneak attack and was able to hold on to the akuma. Kanda also launches an attack with a sword but the akuma breaks it effortlessly with its hand, but Kanda’s aim was to hold the akuma’s arm. He then calls out for Beansprout Allen and he attacks with his sword but it was quickly stopped by the akuma’s right hand.

Level 4 tells them they’re being boring since they can’t do anything with the kinds of attacks they’re doing, and with that, he pushes all three from himself easily.

All three landing on different places. The Level 4 still wanting to play then lands another attack at Allen.

Back to where Hevlaska is still checking Lenalee’s body. She mentions that the innocence is not in her body. It’s nowhere to be found. She says that she could trace that it went through her body but she can’t feel it from her body at all.

As Hevlaska asks where it might be, all the blood that gushed out from her body crystalized.

They all realize that this was her innocence with Komui saying that it will only be a weapon with Lenalee’s blood. Once the innocence goes to her legs, she activates it and a bright light emanates from her legs.

While in another place, Lavi and Kanda tries to stand up from their hits. Level 4 readies an attack at the weak-bodied Allen.  But before he could launch his last attack at him, Lenalee lands on his arm.

As she glared at the akuma before her, she lectures how he could destroy her home like that. Level 4 then starts an attack with his left hand. She tries to scurry quickly saving Allen in the process. The attack finally landing on a wall. Lavi and Kanda worried that they might have taken the attack directly, but the akuma reassures that they weren’t hit at all, then he looks up and tries to catch up to the two.

Kanda and Lavi, surprised that they’ve already gotten that high up so quickly, that Lavi asked Kanda if he saw it, with Kanda replying that he couldn’t.

High up, we see Timcanpy holding on to Allen’s sword, with Allen being held by Lenalee as he says it was so fast he felt sick. Lenalee apologizes and looks down, wondering that she didn’t mean to go so high up, also thinking that since it was so long since she had her dark boots on, she prolly lost her senses.

Suddenly she notices Level 4 coming for them, it lets out multiple attacks at them and she hops through them one by one so to avoid being hit by one. She then attacks the akuma head one with her boots, having an equal fight with it.

Allen finally back to his senses, tells Lenalee to let go of him as he can extend his crown belt and he won’t fall. He then apologizes to her that he wasn’t able to save everyone, while Lenalee apologizes as well that she was late to help.

They finally have their resolve by going all out to fight the akuma.

Down below, Leverrier is glad that Lenalee’s synchronization was a success and if this keeps up, Lenalee and Allen would win the fight. Komui is still worried though. He was worried about Allen since he should already be at his limit, while Lenalee just activated her boots. He was cut off from his thoughts as he hears sounds coming from his reciever from his ear.

Finally with Allen and Lenalee’s fight with the akuma, they were finally able to kick him downwards, with Allen’s final attack using his sword to stab him down. But the akuma tries to stop him by pushing the sword up. He confidently says that too bad that he can’t stab him at all. But with Allen’s confident “Oh really?” look the akuma, wide-eyed notices Lenalee from above as she finally lands on top of the sword with force. She then pushes upwards and thinks to herself that she needs to get higher and to accelerate to have more power. As the boots finally ables to get that, she finally realizes that this new Dark Boots are different from her old ones, that she doesn’t have to conrtol them and they just respond to her thoughts and feelings. Finally gaining all the power she needed, she launches towards the akuma and Allen’s sword.

Even though we see the akuma pushed down greatly by Allen’s sword, we see his left hand’s fingers twitching before the end credits role.


So with the 103rd preview…Allen finally says it’s the last battle and last episode. I guess that’s what I was aiming to hear so I can be sure that it really is ending and that it wasn’t just all rumors.


In this omake that you see by the end of every episodes…we see Level 4-kun finally dominating the whole class of Allen and the others after they go off after school. When he was worked up about it, Allen and the others see him and tells him that he should go home already or else the teachers will get mad. With that, we see Level 4-kun in tears.


So obviously…we’ll see more action since it’s the last battle and all…also the LAST EPISODE.

Yea, it’s sad that it has to end. -cries- I really wanted to see the other manga chapters get animated! (Especially the chibi Kanda ones..xD)

This episode was nice. I really enjoyed watching it again and reviewing it. It made my brain bleed thinking of how I should tell the story though. -blood comes out of ears- See? Lawl.

Anyways…I wanted to stay positive about this, that it’s only ending because it’s almost about to catch up with the chapters. I’ll keep that thought until the day comes and the anime’s to come back and running. I really hope it’s not because of the low DVD sales. I’m really saddened at the thought of this anime ending.

There are other anime’s out there that are continuing on and yet going downhill. For instance…Naruto. I’m actually forcing myself to read and watch that. I guess it doesn’t matter that much anymore.

ONE PIECE has soo many episodes! I mean…who watches that show? I, for one, don’t. Sorry.

Anyways…the omake’s…

I’m going to miss them. -cries- The omakes are one of the reasons why I love watching this series. They’re all so funny and cute. Also the animation is NOT half-assed like some other anime’s. They really work hard on the animation, it’s as if the chapters of the manga really coming to life and such.

Hilarity always butts in on everything with this show. Haha~ I love it. ♥

Hoshino-sensei’s way of telling her story is just remarkable. Even though she’s currently having troubles about the manga right now, she still tells the story in a way that you wouldn’t even think they’re just filler arcs. Her art style even improved a lot. Well at least to me it improved. Allen’s looking sexier than ever! Kanda’s always been SHMEXY..hahaha! Any angle she draws Kanda is just..LOVE.

Oh~ wait..I’m rambled about now. Anyways…I just hope the anime comes back someday. I don’t care if next year…or 2010. It has to come back someday! And that someday…I will wait!

So anyways..I hope you don’t kill me for this review. =’o
I’m not very good at this things, but I tried. >_<



8 thoughts on “D.Gray-man Episode 102

  1. i want d.grayman season 5…
    when it will be aired??

  2. cant wait…
    i want d.grayman season 5,season 6
    and season 7-10….



  4. I want d.grayan only.,….
    dahil maganda ito ehh/

  5. hay naku….
    ang hirap ng life ko pag walang d.grayman

  6. IM THE NO. 1 FAN…

  7. ..do I know you…are you ..my classmates

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