The FALL has come!

Black Butler

Black Butler

Well…I’ve always though fall would be September.

So basically it has come. Since I said it IS September. =’p But, most of the anime’s for this season are coming out this month!

Yea, it’s already October 1, ladies and gentlemen. I’m quite excited since I’m expecting a lot from this season’s upcoming series.

I’ve already watched the raw for Hakushaku to Yousei. I really liked the first episode and I can’t wait for a sub. (Though I could wait…=’p)

But, before I try to attack the upcoming series, I thought it’s best if I finish the Spring 2008 anime’s I’ve not finished yet. Namely, Macross Frontier, Kurenai, Blassreiter…etc.

I’d most likely post another entry soon. About…let’s say…Kuroshitsuji, maybe? Or Hakushaku to Yousei? =’o Or maybe start rambling about Skip Beat? xD

Anyways…tomorrow it is, I guess. I guess I’ll be leaving for now. Toodles. =’]


6 thoughts on “The FALL has come!

  1. vgots says:

    hey man ^^ i accidentally found dis blog when i was searching for new osts (code geass r2 ost collection 2), so i have to say thanks to you, though i couldnt download the 2nd part trying to do it many times… (but i’ve downloaded a torrent later :D)
    thanks man! i guess it’s your new blog there, so i hope you will do a great job here that consists in writing posts with A LOT OF screenshots ^^ good luck!

  2. Wija-chan says:

    Oh~ :’D It was nothing. I’m glad I could help. ^_^
    Ahah~ yes, well, I have this addiction of adding a lot of screenshots on my post.
    But, hopefully, the next time I make a post is just the right amount of shots. :’p
    Thanks for leaving a comment. *w*

  3. amayalee says:

    A lot of good anime is airing this fall. I didn’t care much for the ones that came out over the summer, other than Macross. I’m watching a ton of the fall anime though! ^.^

  4. monstersnook says:

    I read the first couple of chapters of this and I thought it was great. So I can’t wait for the came out yesterday right? Gah. Can’t wait for the subs.

  5. Wija-chan says:

    I agree…I really do have a lot on my list.
    But I decided that I should try and watch at least an episode and see if it’s worth the watch. (But, most of them seem to be good as I’ve watched all of their PV’s. *_*;; )
    Just like you, I’m watching lots this fall…I think I’m kinda hopeful that some wouldn’t be good that I’d have to drop them. -laughs- xDD

    Ah! Same here! :’D
    I love it so far. ^^ I can’t wait to see the raw (which I’m downloading right now) and see it subbed. :’p Hehe

  6. Kyra says:

    does anyone know where i can read some good Kuroshitsuji doujinshi manga?

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