Finales Part I

-sigh- Hi there. Sorry it has been awhile. So I’m here to mention that I’ve finally finish a few series from the past seasons.

Anyways~ I finally finished World Destruction, Macross Frontier, D.Gray-man and Natsume Yuujinchou!

Yey~ BANZAI! Hahaha~

The last episode of World Destruction was nice. I have been waiting for a that suspicious Kyrie-clone that I’ve been seeing at the beginning of the OP.

Turns out I was right thinking that it really WAS Kyrie. I thought so half way into the series. :’p

Sadly, I liked Red-haired Kyrie more than the blonde-haired Kyrie. As usual, light-voiced (Not Light from Death Note…) Mamo-chan sounds like Tamaki. -laughs-

But, I can’t deny that I like blonde-hair Kyrie in his game-self. :’p He’s HAWT.

Anyways, too bad that had to end with the last episode showing that those two actually has feelings for each other. (Well, in the game it would seem Kyrie does have feelings for Morute, in the anime it wasn’t that obvious though. But, it was so obvious Ri-a likes Kyrie. But, I don’t like her. Lawl xD)

Hoho~ finally! Finished the series! Alto! -slaps- Idiot!

Ok…I’ll forgive him. But he’s really fickle! But I’m glad, he loves Ranka! ♥ Yey! (I’ll brush off about him liking Sheryl. I don’t care.)

Well, sad about Grace. She was really awesome even though she’s a bitch coz she’s EVIL. -laughs- But she was an awesome villain! -thumbs up- :’p (OMG! Boob clutch? xD)

Wewt~ Brera is alive! And he and Ranka are siblings! (Eww guys..stop it. They’re siblings for cryin’ out loud. Wrong and creepy~ Dx )

Anyways…I can’t wait for the movie then. I wonder when it would be out. I just hope it’s not just putting caps from the series together and tweek them a little and show them off and say that’s a movie. -_- That’d really tick me off!

Well, the animation for D.Gray-man’s last episode sure was a waste. -pouts- It was such a stupid ending. I seriously think it was. I guess I was just quite happy that I get to see my Kanda and Bak-chan and most of the male casts…(as I am a bishiewhore lawl) I wasn’t expecting to see Tyki here though. I thought he was gonna come out later, as that was what happened in the manga. (I think…)

Hmph! Well, can’t compain now…it’s done. I’m hopeful for another season…the probability of having one would be 20%…-shifty eyes- Yea, well whatever, I guess I could just continue with reading the manga and be content (-sniffs and cries-) of seeing my Kanda on paper. (in this case, on the computer…)

Plus, Hoshino-sensei’s art is love. I love how she draws her characters, most especially Kanda’s chara design. Haha! He’s sexy. =’p


As for Natsume Yuujinchou; it was such an enjoyable emotional ride watching this series. I would’ve never thought I’d love this series. I was just so oblivious to how awesome this series could be. It’s such a touching anime, that every episode has its way of making me touched at how it was told. I’ve noticed Midorikawa-sensei has her way with her stories. I’ve only read a volume of full of short one-shots and they were all really nice and it really gave that touching feeling. I think I even cried at one of her stories. Well, actually I’ve cried a lot of times while watching the episodes of this series, and for someone as emotional as I am, seriously, it wasn’t hard to let out tears while I was watching every heart-wrenching episodes.

Sad, the next season would come out on Winter…but I guess I could wait. I would wait however long it is for this anime! Love it to bits.

The funny thing is…this series may be really touching and such, but it’s really well balanced with the humour. Every episode is funny. It’s never without the humour. Nyanko-sensei’s also hilarious and I love how Natsume interacts with spirits or yokai and then in the end he befriends them. Aww… ♥ thinking about it makes me wanna re-watch it. x’p

Anyways…I guess that’s about it for the ones I’ve finished already. That’s part I, I doubt I’d finish the others within this week really. But, hopefully I could finish it this week. If not I guess I could download and watch the others when the upcoming anime’s doesn’t air.

I know I’ve still got a lot from the past seasons’ I’ve not finished watching. I’m still on the 7th episode of Blassreiter; Druaga no Tou ~Aegis of URUK~ is taking awhile to finish downloading. I just need Kurenai‘s last episode, I’m on the 13th episode of Nabari no Ou, I’m waiting for Live-evil‘s releases of episode 20 to 22 of Nijuumensou no Musume; as for Wagaya no Oinarisama。I haven’t even watched the 3rd episode. *_* That series seems to be my LOWEST priority out of all of them. But that was just the Spring’s list.

For Summer: Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora–I just need episode 11 and 12 to finish it. I’m still downloading Antique Bakery, and I’ve only watch the first episode for it. I was kinda cautious coz I’m not a BL fan and I was really tricked to not watch that series coz I thought it was a BL series. So I was too late but I was able to watch episode 1 and it wasn’t bad. There were really akward scenes but they were still quite funny. Haha! Either way it’s a cute anime.

I’m still waiting for Neo Angelique Abyss -Second Stage-‘s 5th episode from Strawberry Mint Subs. And lastly, I just need to download Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo‘s last episodes and I’m done.

And yes! I need to finish all of those within this week. If I had a super-fast internet and a super-computer, I would’ve been finish a long time ago…but sadly enough I don’t.

Oh yea~ I almost forgot about Shugo Chara! and the second season’s coming out this coming October 4. O_o;


2 thoughts on “Finales Part I

  1. Derrick says:

    I was totally shocked when D.Gray-Man ended, I thought it would go on for quite some while just like Naruto and Bleach. I sar chocked, staring at the screen and watching the ‘end’ text not believing that it was true!
    I’m really hoping for a nother season of D.G-M, otherwise I’ll be really disappointed!

  2. Wija-chan says:

    It was really disappointing that it had to end..
    I’m hoping it’s only because the anime’s about to catch up with the manga and also because Hoshino-sensei just draws fillers after the Level 4 akuma arc. :'[
    But either way..I didn’t really care even if those were just fillers. :’o
    Like you, I really hope to see another season in the future.

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