Skip Beat! Act. 129: In your faces!

Wow! I feel somewhat excited about that chapter! It was so interesting and funny (as always). I found out the news it was out when I got back from my friend’s! I was so tired at the time, but it was all washed away when I saw the news! I just HAD to read it as soon as possible! -laughs- xD

The girls were really friggin’ bitches. Seriously.

We’ve all been waiting for this to come out…if you’re a HanaYume subscriber, you would prolly most likely get the issue earlier than what’s announced. Man! I wish I could subscribe! >.<

I’d be the happiest person alive! -raises hands to the air- SRSLY!

Anyways, this chapter was AWESOME! I wasn’t able to read it coz the raws were medium sized so most likely the furigana are small. I can’t see them clearly. -pouts- But, if you try to understand the situation, you most likely would be able to. I mean, Nakamura-sensei’s speciality are the expressions and body movements. Right? You can pretty much tell what’s happening. =’p

First off! The two retards were comparing the “always-apologizing-noodle” to her AFTER outcome. They were quite surprised shocked that she’s wearing make up, has a different hairstyle, wearing an accessory, has a sense for fashion and (can’t read the one pointing to her pants..xD) and they have this shock face while thinking “It can’t be!!”

Well, unfortunately girls…it IS “her.” The one who’s like a bowl of noodles. xD SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

Wait! That’s an understatement, it’s really SHOCK! SHOCK! Haha! xD

But when they finally recovered from their shock and went back to the studio, they still had her ribbon with them. Seriously…plotting bitches, you’ll get what you deserve soon. You don’t know Kyoko-sama…she’s got angels demons on her side. xD

Anyways, Kyoko found out that the ribbon’s nowhere to be found…

Back in the studio, it would seem the lead role for the drama seems to be talking to Amamiya about her experience that morning and how she had a different feeling from Kyoko. She even raised her hair manually with her hands to make it seem like it was that “OMGSHOCK!” feeling. Haha!

She finally then says that she doesn’t have the Kyoko feeling from her, but instead, she gives out a Natsu feeling, in which the director hears from afar with a dark aura around him and Amamiya shows a fake smile at her and thinking “I knew it, ” and stuff and she was most likely thinking up evil plans for her. (Swear to gawd these characters…-sigh-)

Anyways…we see Ren in his Emperor of the Night mode. (Ooh~ hawt! x’3)

But, after his photoshoot, it seems like Yashiro-chan lectures him about stuff. Or perhaps tells him about things bothering him that has something to do with Ren…or something like that.

Yashiro-chan talks a lot and so there are a lot of words and less space for the kanji meaning makes the furigana smaller, least able for me to read. :’/

Well…didn’t get much of what was happening with these two’s conversation. But you can make sure, Yashiro will make it such a funny one! xD

She showed up anyway… -sticks out tongue- Yes, she did. The two girls were surprise (no, shocked would seem) They were like “She came out without her ribbon on—!!!”

I don’t mind, Kyoko looks great without the ribbon on. =’p

I like the way she stands. It’s refreshing from how she usually stands up, ne? ^_^

She greets everyone “good morning,” after the greeting, I couldn’t read the furigana. *_*

Well, actually not only the two are shocked, even Amamiya herself. Hah!

Anyways, she approaches the director and apologizes that she doesn’t seem to have the tie/ribbon at all…then the director calls for the one who was supposed to give out the uniforms to the cast.

The woman who was ordered to do it, suddenly blames the unnamed girl 1, by the end of this chapter, she lies and tells that “what if she’s just making it up” and she was aiming this at our Kyoko-sama.

Well, that’s it!

I hate this girl as much as Amamiya!

So the ranking goes like this.

1. Amamiya
1. Unnamed girl 1
2. Unnamed girl 2
3. Director

Unless something pleasant happens and that director steps down on bullying my beloved Kyoko-sama, then I’ll change the ranking. -raises eyebrow-

He’s a two-faced bastard, so I’m waiting for a character development of some sorts, also from Amamiya (she’s also a two-faced bitch).

Anyways~ I hope to get a better raw. -smiles- So I can go read it over. It’s hard to read with tiny unreadable furigana and I’m not very good when it comes to Kanji. :’/

Anyways~ I can’t wait for the anime! ^0^ (it’s out tomorrow! -panics- lawl)

I’m not expecting much, but just that it sticks to the story. That’s it. =’]

I also can’t wait for scanlation of this. Oh yea…speaking of this, I need to go re-read the manga. -blinks- I’ve not even finish volume 1 of the manga yet..haha! xD

Anyways…need some rest. =’p


6 thoughts on “Skip Beat! Act. 129: In your faces!

  1. monstersnook says:

    Thank you! I love the new chapter as well. Gah. I can’t wait. Did you already watch the first episode? I loved it. Haha.

  2. Wija-chan says:

    I LOVE IT too! x’D
    It was awesome!
    Totally not what I was expecting! Hahaha~
    Next episode would be hilarious as it’s Sawara-san’s turn to come out! x’D

  3. aviana says:

    where did you find the raws???? Thanks for thesummary I’m dying to read the chapter!!!! The anime version wasn’t nearly as bad I thought it was going to be! I also can’t wait to see the next chapter!!!

  4. Dalena says:

    she looks more cuter with the ribbon off! i cant wait to c rens face! XD

  5. Wija-chan says:

    I agree! xD
    Yes, yes! :’3
    I can’t wait for moar Ren either! xD

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