Macross Frontier OST 2

After downloading and listening to Code Geass R2 OST 2, I attack Macross Frontier’s 2nd OST! -laughs-

CD Cover

1. Prologue F
2. ノーザンクロス (Northern Cross)
3. トライアングラー(fight on stage) [Triangular (fight on stage)]
4. HighSchoolLife
5. トランスフォーメーション (Transformation)
6. アナタノオト (Anata no Oto)
7. Test Flight Delight
8. 星間飛行 (Seikan Hikou)
9. イヌミミランカ (Inumimi Ranka)
10. 妖精 (Yousei)
11. 追憶のトランペット (Tsuioku no Trumpet)
12. 真空のダイアモンド クレバス (Shinkuu no Diamond Crevasse)
13. 愛・おぼえていますか~bless the little queen (Ai Oboeteimasu ka ~bless the little queen)
14. 蒼のエーテル (Ao no Ether)
15. is this LOVE
16. shadow of Michael
17. アイモ – O.C. (Aimo – O.C.)
18. Battle Frontier
19. 娘々サービスメドレー (Nyannyan Service Medley)
20. プロトカルチュア (Protoculture)

Available Downloads
DDL → Mediafire [not available yet]

Hmm… downloads would take awhile. :’o
As I am quite busy..but I’ll try to upload it as soon as possible though. ^_^

Tracks Title Translation

6. Your Sound
7. N/A
8. Interstellar Flight
9. Dog-ears Ranka
10. Fairy
11. Trumpet of Recollection
12. Vacuum Diamond Crevasse
13. Do You Remember Love? ~bless the little queen
14. Blue Ether

EDIT: Thanks, VF-25 Messiah for the heads up on the right order and translations. :’D

Actually that wasn’t just “a little out of order” -laughs- xD


2 thoughts on “Macross Frontier OST 2

  1. VF-25 Messiah says:

    Seems you got the tracks a little out of order. All alphabetical ones at the start? Order should be:

    01 Prolouge F
    02 Northern Cross
    03 Triangular (Fight on stage)
    04 HighSchoolLife
    05 Transformation
    06 Your sound
    07 Test Flight Delight
    08 Interstellar Flight
    09 Dog-ears Ranka
    10 Fairy
    11 Trumpet of Recollection
    12 Vacuum Diamond Crevasse
    13 Do you remember love – bless the little queen
    14 Blue Ether
    15 is this Love
    16 shadow of Michael
    17 Aimo O.C.
    18 Battle Frontier
    19 Nyannyan service medley
    20 Protoculture

  2. Wija-chan says:

    Ooh~ thanks! :’D
    I was trying to check it on a Japanese site, but they still didn’t have the list. :'[
    But, thank you. ^_^

    Ooh~ and the titles translated, thank you. =’D

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