Fall 2008: First Impressions Part I

Yea..OK, I’ve not written a post for awhile…sorry about that. ^^;

It has been hectic ever since the new anime’s came out…especially when Skip Beat! came out! -laughs-

I was really lookin’ forward to Skip Beat’s anime version…I’ll review it later. :’p

As for now, I’ll post my first impressions about Earl and Fairy, Eve no Jikan and Toradora!. I know it’s like really late and all. But it’s better late than never.

Hakushaku to Yousei

So I begin with Hakushaku to Yousei, or Earl and Fairy. ^_^ (Decided to call it Earl and Fairy since my fave fansub group decided to call it that, since its setting is in Victorian England.)


The story is set in 19th century England and centers on a “fairy doctor” named Lydia. Her life takes a 180-degrees turn when she meets a legendary blue knight count named Edgar and his crew. He hires her as an adviser during his quest to obtain a treasured sword that was supposed to be handed down to him by his family.


Well, as I watched this on the 28th (before I watched Code Geass R2’s finale) it didn’t feel so special coz I was more excited about watching the last episode of Code Geass. But, I re-watched after CGR2, and it was quite enjoyable and really funny in a way. There were so many sparklies around Edgar, I couldn’t help not giggle. xD Edgar’s a total bishie, seriously.

Nico, her kitty is a cutie. (I know the VA too, lawl) A walking, talking cat. Man! I wish I could get a cat like that! Ahaha~ but if it has the same attitude as Nico’s, I think I’ll pass. -laughs-

And we have here, Raven, who was voiced by Sugita Tomokazu. He did a good job, I was surprised. His character is cute too. He’s Egdar’s buttler, he’s that dark-skinned young man over there. -points at the pic above-

What got me to try and watch this was because when I just passed by its website and found Midorikawa Hikaru as the VA for our hawt blondy over here…I got totally excited! -laughs- Not to mention, the lead female role was played by the awesome veteran singer and voice actress, Mizuki Nana-san. -smiles- Plus, the pretty art completely captured my heart, so I was ecstatic to watch it.

Anyways, this is set in Victorian England. Yes, again…another Victorian England setting. -laughs- The Japanese seem to have a fetish for Victorian era. Hehe.

The first episode was truly enjoyable (even though half of what was being said and what’s been happening were quite unknown to me)…it was truly hilarious and it already gave quite a fluttering feeling. I wish to see moar Lydia and Edgar development in the coming episodes, please. When’s the smut comin’ out? Just kidding..xD

I’m giving this first episode a 9/10. I wanted more! -laughs- Ok, I guess I’ll wait for the second episode. Ahaha!

Eve no Jikan act2: SAMMY

Got me wanting to watch this ONA ever since I read the synopsis. -scratches head- I dunno why, but I thought it was really interesting so I finally downloaded the first act…and since the 2nd act was out just at the beginning of this month, I feel so late in watching it. -laughs-


In the not too distant future androids have come into common usage. Taking the androids for granted, humans treat them as if they were common everyday tools, however, some people are unhealthily attracted to the androids due to their human-like appearance (save for a digital ring floating above their heads). This has become a social problem and these people are frowned upon as a result. Rikuo, who has taken androids for granted for his entire life, one day discovers that Sammy, his home android, has been acting strangely and finds a strange phrase recorded in her activity log. He, along with his friend Masaki, traces Sammy’s footsteps and come upon an unusual cafe. This cafe’s main rule is to not discriminate between humans and androids.


You might not find it that interesting..but I thought when I first read the synopsis, it totally got me intersted. Watched the first act, it was really good. :’o

One episode is only 15 minutes long; an episode has nothing less nothing more to give, it’s nice. I recommend it. The art’s really nice too. Love the animation, really. The setting is great, the idea is quite original and the story’s really lovely. I already can’t wait for the 3rd act.

This ONA actually has like 6 acts. The first act aired in August of this year..so it was just a month ago or so. This episode gave such a fluffy feeling. I thought it was such a cute episode. ^-^

I think I’m giving this a perfect score. 10/10. I give high scores really easily..it’s not surprising. -laughs- xD


I’m not a big fan of Kugimiya Rie-san…I think she’s overrated. -pouts- Even when she voiced Al in FMA…was never a fan of her. I’m more a big fan of FukuJun or Paku Romi-san or Mamo-chan…but was never a fan of hers. But, I say she’s perfect for Taiga’s role.

Maybe I was never a fan of SQUEEKY voices. -laughs- (No, I don’t think Pikachu has an annoying voice…does that mean I have a voice? D: that doesn’t make me happy, lawl xD)

Lately she’s been very active in voice acting once again. (I’ve never watched Shakugan no Shana…or Zero no Tsukaima series…) She usually voices chars in ecchi anime’s and ecchi is one of the genres I don’t like to watch. (I guess I’ll try and watch Shana sometime though since it’s not an ecchi one…)


Toradora!’s story begins with the male protagonist Ryūji Takasu who is frustrated at trying to look his best as he enters his second year of high school. Despite his gentle personality, his eyes make him look like an intimidating delinquent so he is utterly hopeless about his chances of getting a girlfriend anytime soon, and does not have many close friends either. After being greeted by his hungover mother in the morning, Ryūji goes to school and is happy to find that he gets to be in the same class as his best friend Yūsuke Kitamura and crush Minori Kushieda. However, it is then that he unexpectedly knocks into “the school’s most dangerous animal of the highest risk level” — Taiga Aisaka — who just happens to also be in his class, and is a good friend of Minori.


I never really decided to watch this series when I was choosing which series to watch for Fall…but everyone seems to be excited about this series, and I think I saw the PV of it once…so in the end, I decided I’ll check it. It was a quick decision and when it finally came out, I decided to download the raw.

The episode was truly enjoyable as it was really hilarious. Also, I usually don’t like female characters that are tsuntsun, but I gave Taiga a quick brush of the shoulder and let it be. She’s cute and hilarious and… -pats- I feel sorry for her coz she lives in a huge apartment by herself. -pouts-

And…Ryuji is just someone you can totally love at first sight! Even though he’s feared all over the school for looking like a gangster…first episode he just captured my heart coz of his weird sense of…cleanliness… (I’ll call that a neat-freak, really. xD) I really thought it was such a cute thing how he was singing about “ecology” and stuff to as he’s about to throw the trash. -laughs-

I figured as much he hates his father who’s like a yakuza when I saw that pic he had in his drawer. He has weird hobbies like writing in his notebook about what he would do to make the girl he loves happy…er sort of…I still think it was such a cute thing though. Hehe.

Also, I realize it’s a slice-of-life, romantic comedy series. I wanna watch it coz of the romance. I’m a sucker for that genre. (this is also why I read a lot of shoujo manga’s…you might not know that…well, now you do. xD)

I’m really hoping for more development from this two. It’d be something to look out for.

The ending sequence was cute too! So was the song actually! -giggles-

Well, the second episode’s out! Yea, someone subbed it already. I’m kinda late since I was really stressed with schooling coming and was totally still stuck with Skip Beat’s first episode. -laughs- I’m just waiting for the 2nd episode…where more laughter ensues. -laughs-

Anyways, as for this series, I’m giving it a 9/10. I’m expecting quite a lot from this series from now. -smiles- ^_^


Downloading it already..can’t wait to watch it! x’3 I’ll prolly babble about it IF I had the time to, if not, I might not ever. :’p

Well, that’s it for part I. I dunno when the 2nd part would come out…I really still need to finish the other series you know. -scratches head- What a hassle. xD


4 thoughts on “Fall 2008: First Impressions Part I

  1. Derrick says:

    Now you’ve given me loads of more episodes to watch, you gave them all good scores O_o
    Let’s hope I find them as enjoyable as you do… Or no, I really could use that time for other things xD

    As for Shakugan no Shana, I really liked that series 🙂

  2. Wija-chan says:

    I give good scores easily..especially if I find them really interesting. :’p
    An OK series would be lower than 6. x’3

    I see, I really should watch it. x’D

  3. Saphy says:

    I like the screenshot and synopsis, but your reviews seem immaterial. Words such as “really good”, “really nice”, “really liked”, etc… have no meaning to reader.

    What is important is what is good about it, and why? How is it any different from any off the shelf anime, and what is bad about them? Try to be a critical reviewer.

  4. Wija-chan says:

    Wow! :’o
    I’ll try and do that.
    I’m not good with words really…explaining is one of the things I’m REALLY BAD at. ^^;
    But, I’ll try that the next time. :’]

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