Devil and Her Love Song: Song.1

Akuma to Love Song

Lawl, it’s been awhile…I know.

Sorry, heh. Anyways…here Saren, I’ve finally written a post after a long time of being unable to post one. (=’p)

I’ve been sick since last Wednesday…man~ and here I was so proud that I hadn’t gotten a flu for YEARS. -laughs-

I was bored today and instead of what I usually do -watch anime-, I looked up for a manga to read.

I stumbled upon this series called Akuma to Love Song, in English, A demon and her love song. The summary was a bit interesting, so I gave it a try and downloaded it. It took me awhile to read it though, since I was catching up on the ones I’ve missed of Beauty Pop. :’p hehe


Touzuka High School is a public school with pretty low grade point average. One day, a girl who has been expelled from the state’s top class St. Katria Girls School transfers in….Her name is Kawai Maria. The reason of her expulsion was “violence against the teacher.” Because of her unadorned, straight comments, Maria starts to become isolated from her class….What is hidden in her past and what will happen to her?

This isn’t the exact same synopsis I read…that was from Baka-Updates…I took this summary from Manga Traders. Also..the one I read from Baka-Updates was more interesting than this so don’t just forget this series just coz if this lame synopsis, give it a try first! ^_^

Well, I’ve just read the first chapter awhile ago. (Unfortunately, this post got delayed since Skip Beat! started airing on TV Tokyo so I had to halt and start watching it. xD)

I didn’t really expect much from it at first. But undoubtedly, I LOVE the art, it’s really pretty. I also like how the author used the song “Amazing Grace” for her main character to sing in it. (I love that song. ♥) And the plot is interesting, especially the characters. I’d like to know more about Maria and her two new found friends. x’p

Well, since I’ve only read one chapter, I dunno how I should explain this…but here I go! xD

Chapter 1 Chapter 1

The character, Maria, really looks and act like a bitch…but you never know a person once you start to communicate with them.

It would seem she has a special ability in which she can tell the real personality or attitude of a person. She’s also very frank. So everybody dislikes her for that.

I was shocked that the reason why she got expelled from such a great school was because of violence though…I mean, can a girl actually do that to a teacher? O_o And she even said it out so effortlessly as if she hadn’t done a thing wrong.

Its impossible, right? Who would’ve thought? She’s scary then. People shouldn’t try and bully her if they don’t want to get hurt or better yet…end up dead. o_o;;


I really like the art, ever since I saw the cover. The colors wasn’t so great when I first saw it but I take it back. They’re nice. The author’s art style, I know it isn’t that unique, but I love it. I think I’ve seen an identical art style like this before, but I dunno where. -scratches head- Oh well.

The guys were cute..but don’t tell me out of all the students in their class, there’s only the two of them that are male…lawl. That’d be really weird, wouldn’t it?

I’m curious about the black haired guy. (I can’t remember his name…) He seems to have something against Maria…(oh I like him though..he’s hawt! xD) The other guy, Yuusuke (surprisingly, I remember this guy’s name xD) is cute, but not my type, he’s a character, I can tell is like the monkey of the class. This is like the same other bright, happy-go-lucky kind of guy in many shoujo series that you’ll read. But I’m expecting more to come from him. I bet he’ll lively up everything even more as the chapters go on. Hehe.

I really like the part when he was suggesting to Maria to be “lovely.” It made me laugh when she actually tried that and she turned out to look more like a delinquent asking for a fight! xD

Anyways, this is a good start for its first chapter! There are other shoujo series out there that don’t make this good of an opening when it comes to their first chapters.

But since this is just the first chapter, I’m just giving this 4 out of 5 for a good plot, nice art, cool/cute guys and good song choice.

Even though the things those girls did to her was awful, its part of the story and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I like the turn of events for the main character. She’s learning how to be a better person because of this new school and new people she’s meeting. (Namely Yuusuke and the black haired guy. Nah, you don’t have to tell me his name, I’ll remember it once I read the next chapter. xD)

Anyways…I haven’t reviewed for awhile so I’ve prolly gotten rustier than ever…and I wasn’t a very good of a reviewer from the beginning. Hahaha!

I’ll be reviewing more anime and manga soon! Let’s just hope I don’t forget to do so. =’p

Toodles for now! ^_^


3 thoughts on “Devil and Her Love Song: Song.1

  1. Saren says:

    Woo x]
    i’ll read the manga.. hehe x]
    i love your blog =)
    and your reviews!!
    GO GO!!

  2. Wija-chan says:

    Yey! Thanks! x’3
    You really should give it a try…
    even though I’ve not read the next chapter yet. x’D
    I will right now though. =’p Hehe
    I’m glad you love my blog and my reviews.
    I always think my reviews are useless but at least if it would be of at least ‘a little’ help, then I guess that’s good. ^_^

  3. NAZ says:

    the “Akuma To Love Song” it well be soon an animation
    「恋愛歌への 悪魔」それはよくまもなく 生気 です

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