Finales Part II: Antique Bakery, Someday’s Dreamers ~Summer Skies, Kurenai

Finale Part II

I’ve finished these series a month ago or so…(lawl) anyways…here’s an entry to tell you how I liked these series. I’m gonna be really harsh on Kurenai as it was good, but NOT good enough for me.

Antique Bakery

Antique Bakery


This is a story of a man who got kidnapped when he was a kid and decides to open a western cake shop, because he remembered that his kidnapper liked cakes and he would force him to eat them during his abduction.


When I saw this title, I checked it on Anime News Network. But finding out that it was shounen-ai, I gave up of finding out more about it. So when it finally aired, I didn’t care to check it. (I’m trying to change this kind of attitude of mine though… ^^; )

But, I read a blog entry from Usagijen of Scrumptious, and so a few days or so after reading that entry…I downloaded the first episode. Well, I really thought there wouldn’t be any BL, but BOY was I wrong. -laughs- Ahaha! It’s hard to watch seriously…but I still continued with the story. Besides, the story is quite interesting, also they’re hilarious to watch. The SD especially is quite funny to look at. Haha! xD Although I’m not FOND of sweets but, the cakes were SCRUMPTIOUS! *⌐* I wanted to have some after watching an episode. x’D

The characters’ different personalities were interesting so you’ll prolly love any of them. We got our owner, Tachibana-san, who likes women, kind (even though he may not look like one), very intelligent businessman. Next is Ono, he’s gay, he has a Devilish Charm which can turn any straight man gay (lawl xD), a very talented pattisier. Then Eiji; he used to be a well known pro-boxer, but after finding out that if he continues boxing he’ll become blind, he was forced to stop boxing and one day he asks to work in Tachibana-san’s shop. Also because he has a huge sweet-tooth and so after tasting Ono’s cake he becomes his apprentice. Lastly we have Chikage. He’s a VERRRYY kind man (that it’s scary xD), he would do anything just to be able to help, he’s stupid though, but a very kind man. He’s really slow on things…I mean, really slow. (xD) He wears sunglasses as his eyes are weak, and he develops a crush on Ono…see? I tell you even the straightest of men would turn gay. Haha!

I’ve got to say…I may be late in watching this series, but still…at least, I was still able to watch it…and truthfully, I LOVE this series. I can probably say that this is my MOST favorite out of all the BL-ish shows I’ve watched.

It might have been slow at first…but I love the episodes. They always have humour and I love comedy. This series always make me laugh out loud. Anyways, as I’ve not read the manga, I wouldn’t know about the art style of the manga-ka. But people say it’s very true to the artist’s style, which I find really nice. The SD is unusual and that’s why I find it cute. Hehe. Sadly this was a short series, but I guess its fine. I wouldn’t want to see more BL scenes…if there were more to come as the story continues. =’p

I’ll give this series 4.5/5, it was really good. I wasn’t really expecting to like it, but I just started to like it once I watched the first episode. :’p

Either way, I’m glad I did watch this. –smiles- It felt like I really needed to watch it. Hehe. I might just re-watch this sometime when I find the time…like marathon it or something. Haha!

Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu no Koto: Natsu no Sora

Someday's Dreamers ~Summer Skies


A young girl named Sora comes to Tokyo to study magic. As a student, they have clients who ask for them to do something that’ll help them in their requests. As they study in their Magic school, they all grow maturely, mentally; growing to learn more as they continue to help the people around them.


I finished this a long time ago already. (lawl) I never even knew there was a series prequel to this one. –shrugs-

Art wasn’t something to be proud of, but the cute story is what makes this series worth the watch. Some might find this boring…well, it was kind of boring at times…but you’ll get used to it I guess. You just have to be in a really good mood to continue watching it so that you can last an episode. (But you’ll be in a roll if you watch all the episodes in one-sitting. =’p)

Well, it was still a really enjoyable series and the romance is really sweet. It wasn’t really special to me. The ending was OK, but I guess I was never fond of this kind of endings. (I’m referring to another series by the acronym of CG:LotRR2, yes, you! lawl)

Anyways, probably those who’ve watch the first series of this title would also like this sequel. It was good, I’ll tell you that. It might have been somewhat boring at times, but the plot and setting and how they executed each episode were quite nice. Something I’ve never seen in any other anime. I think I like the way they don’t always show the characters’ who were speaking, they rather show at least the background or their feet or the other characters’ they’re talking to. It was nice; I thought it was something different.

Anyways, it has nice songs. I’m not fond of those songs, but some of you might like it. This is coming from someone who loves music. Lawl…I could be quite picky…but I can listen to almost anything. But, the songs in the series were a bit…umm…what was it? Well, whatever! It’s not really my kind of music, but don’t let me ruin it for you, you might like them.

Character developments were paced right. I like how Gouta came to work hard with his magic and finally being able to awaken them with the help of Sora. :’3

It was sad for the turning point of the series…it almost made me shed a tear about Sora by the end of this series…I was glad Gouta still loves Sora after all those years.

Not much to say about this series…it was um…a pass. Score would be 3.5/5. For the art wasn’t that great, but it doesn’t matter much; voice-acting wasn’t the best but it wasn’t bad at all. Just the story was a tad-bit boring for my taste; I guess. Nothing very special at all, I guess. –shrugs-




Based on a series of light novels, Kure-nai is about the adventures and misadventures of 16-year-old Kurenai Shinkurou. Shinkurou is an authority in settling disputes between people, and finds his life turned upside down one day when he is assigned as a bodyguard for Kuhouin Murasaki, the daughter of a powerful plutocratic family.

Taken from: ANN


When I was aiming to watch new animes that were coming last Spring…I listed this as something to look out for. Since when I watched its PV, it looked quite interesting…

The art was really nice too; at least it’s not half-assed like some other series I’ve watched. Also everyone was waiting for it as they all mentioned it was going to be a dramatic series. (Yea, so I like drama series…got a problem with that? xD lawl Recommend some if you wish…I’d love that… :’p)

The first episode came out; Nothin’ really great about as it didn’t spark that much. But the story was still nice either way, or at least that was what I forced myself to believe. But as it went on though…it didn’t quite make sense anymore.

I got a boy who implanted a weapon in his body, a lolicon, a female pervert, an irritating boarding-house owner, a girly goody-two-shoes, an annoying tsuntsun meganeko, a siscon and a retarded family tradition (I also hate that woman who calls herself Murasaki’s mother, when she’s not even the real mum). Wait! Don’t forget about driving cars on tatami mats and inside the house.

Wait…let me see if I miss anything else…….

Hmmm…well…I guess that’s it? Anyways…the only character I liked was: Benika. She cared a lot about her subordinates and she didn’t want them to be killed. But, that’s not what I like about her. It was because she cared about her car more at the last episodes…-laughs- It was hilarious. xD I thought it was funny too when she commented about Murasaki’s father as to why he was mad was because they can’t park their car inside the “Inner Sanctuary.” (Let’s just say it’s an inside of a house, OK? xD)

Either way, I finished the series…and I guess it was an OK. It got annoying as the story went on, the characters were impossible, it became boring and sparks never lit up at all as I went on watching. Ok…except for the last episode where it got all exciting and finally…Shinkurou wasn’t such a sissy anymore as he was finally able to hit that siscon of a bastard. (lawl xD) Yayoi was awesome on that episode too…but it gets really unbelievably stupid. I’m serious. I was expecting a lot from this series, sad nothing that what I was expecting ever came out. I guess I was just waiting for that ONE thing to come out…but it ended without it, which sucked. -pouts-

I guess to those who can tolerate the series’ annoying-ness, you can go on watching…like I had. I guess I’ve never really completely dropped any of the series I’ve watched. (Birdy the Mighty Decode? I dropped it even before I could watch an episode so it doesn’t count. Lawl xD)

Seriously…nothin’ VERY sad happens…it’s fighting here, forced comedy there and impossible things happening. (Btw, I’ve not read the novel, so I wouldn’t know anything about the series in the first place. Do not flame me for my way of thinking…of course I don’t have anything against people who like this series…it just didn’t make that much sense to me that’s why I’m like this to this series. You can call me being bias but what can I do, right? -shrugs-)

Anyways…I’ll give a score of 2.5/5 for voice-acting for their cast of characters…(I got tired of Murasaki’s voice though…it was annoying. >_>) and art even. But the story and the characters’ way of thinking I couldn’t tolerate and also the animation was a tad bit awkward. -_-;

I don’t know about you guys out there who wish to watch this…but one thing is for sure…if you want a dramatic series or at least anything interesting…it’s not this one. Go find another series. Antique Bakery was better in so many aspects than this series. (Even if Antique had BL, which I’m not a fan of. =’p) At least Antique doesn’t have a forced comedy, nothing impossible happens (except maybe for Ono, he’s just funny when he turns to his ‘Devilish Charm’ mode xD), not much fighting (mostly they’re just arguments, but there was this one episode when Eiji kicked a guy…o,o) and there’s actually sad things but they just don’t go FULL FORCE with them…and ALSO, not to mention…the cakes that they show in each episode makes you wanna drool while looking at them. -laughs- (that reasoning, I know, doesn’t make sense at all xD)

Well, yea, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this little (it’s not really little, huh?) review. I hope I can write more reviews next time. ^^

And yes, you’re free to tell me if I still not good at being a critique. o_o;


One thought on “Finales Part II: Antique Bakery, Someday’s Dreamers ~Summer Skies, Kurenai

  1. Saren says:

    I heard about Antique Bakery.. and i heard it was good.. BUT!! I dun want to watch it 😀
    I dunnno why.. but i’m tired of Shonen-ai/Yaoi
    I read many ( to have a change cuz i always read Shoujo/drama mangas ) yaoi/shounen-ai mangas..
    i was often really disgusted but i just got used to it T__T
    well. the stories were really GOOD . and i thought about showing it to you but i recognized it wasnt shoujo ( i really wished it was xD )
    maybe i will think about watching Antique Bakery cuz u said its worth watching @__@
    maybe in later Life

    Someday’s Dreamers.. omg i got so interested in the first story when i had the preview in my looked so INTERESTING!! i really wanted to buy the manga.. then i found out there was an ANIME!! i got more excited xD ( i didnt know u during that time x33 )
    I expected A LOT from the anime cuz the manga preview was so exciting ;))
    then..the disappointement was big enough though
    i was really sad.. not that sad that i cried but. it was disappointing D:
    so that’s why i decided not to watch the second season.. what do u think? should i give it a try again? ;))

    Kurenai.. hm. i heard of Kurenai too :))
    seems to be not worth watching 😉
    and it doesnt look like ” Wanna jump from the chair+ ran to the comp and watch this anime immediately” type.
    hm. Kuroshitsuji was one of those types though xD it didnt disappoint me 😉 im happy that i was so excited xDDDD
    lawl xDD
    after that review i’m sure.. i wont watch Kurenai.

    thanks a lot for ur effot for writing this :-*

    yours Saren =))

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