I just found out (took me LONG ENOUGH!!) that the CODE GEASS COMPLETE BEST Limited Edition album’s out for sale in Japan. (Found this out a week ago and, unfortunately, I procrastinated rather than bringing the news out, lawl)

It’s sad though…that I can’t go buy it. :'<

Well…I can probably order, but how much do you think the probability of me getting the product ready on my doorstep? I’d say 40%. There’s a probability that the product might GET to the country I’m living in (which is Saudi Arabia) but the probability of me getting it is 50/50 one.

For one, stupid people in wherever-the-mails -pass-through-place-is might just throw it away or something. They’re stupid like that…so don’t ask. I didn’t even know they ACTUALLY do that until someone told me about it. O_o (That’s prolly ONLY here in Saudi Arabia. Heh, surprise surprise. ¬_¬)

I really wanna order that thing right now…I seriously wanna. Well, I could also prolly have it delivered to France…but I wanna have it RIGHT NOW. Lawl.

I guess I’ll contemplate on that some other time though… -sigh-

Ugh~ I’ve seen a LOT of Code Geass merchandises on Amazon too! D:
Damn do I want to get a hold of all of em! >.<
I seriously wish I have a credit card right now so I can actually order them. Dangnammit! (lawl)


I’m guessing everyone has heard of the news that there’s going to be a new Code Geass comin’ out…prolly next year. It’s not a continuation of the two first series…me thinks it’s all new.

New characters, new Knightmares (possibly), new ideas and an all NEW PLOT!

I sure hope they make one that’s unpredictable and exciting as Lelouch of the Rebellion, except more unpredictable and exciting than how it was. (I doubt they can grasp a higher impact than Lelouch’s series. It had always been like that…although R2 really was very awesome and it made a lot more impact than the first season) I guess that’s going to be up to the people who’re to work on the project. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope for something more awesome than the first installment. :’p

Make all new characters that are quite lovable, would be one of my suggestions; don’t lazy around on the animation; -nods- Hire awesome voice actors like in the first anime! x’D (Who here thinks FukuJun didn’t do great in that series?! You’ve got to be stupid to think that! *I* personally think that THAT was the BEST work I’ve listened to in my entire life! x’p I really need to meet that man someday…I hope and wish that until then…he’s still single. ;’p Hehe)

-sigh- So far…no news of that upcomin’ series. I don’t think we’re getting any new news anytime soon either. x’3 Sadly…but oh well.

So is anybody against the idea of a new story and everything for this particular series? :’o Or are their some that finds this idea OK or really good? =’]

Btw…something to make girls and boys happy. xD

CGR2 - Lelou, Rolo, C.C. and Karen

Although, it would’ve been fine if Lelouch was by himself, thank you very much. lawl x’p

Anyways, here’s the DDL and torrent for the OST. :’] (to those who’ve not downloaded it yet ^_^)
But basically it’s just the collection of ALL the OP and EDs of the two seasons. But…really, it’s up to you if you still wanna download. (Perhaps coz you have an unconditional love for the series…xD Like I do. Lawl)

Torrent → [Nyaatorrents]
DDL → [Mediafire]



  1. Saren-chan says:

    Oh my..
    How long..
    I thought i waited for months..
    well actually i did 😀
    lawl xD
    It hurts me somehow to know there will be a new CG series WITHOUT the other characters..
    i doubt the series will be better cuz..
    nobody can beat lelouch you know..
    i cannot wait for it though x’3
    yes i’m the same opinion
    FukuJun x’3
    >He is the best x’3 and your hubby 😀
    lawl xD

    OMG O_O
    Lelouch SO SEXY 😀
    WTF is Rolly doing next to him?
    He killed Shirley o_O
    maah.. im still happy to see Lulu like that

    Sorry.. Dx
    whatever.. maybe you will get those products.
    but the possibility is very low.. o_o

    See ya x’3
    ILU x’3

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