Skip Beat!: Second season, yes or no?

I checked Inoue Marina-san’s blog a few days ago.

I saw three blog entries that were related to Skip Beat!, well, two of em were at least. The other one was just coz I saw a pic with the Skip Beat logo at the background. (pic below; haha~ lawl)

Skip Beat! Afureko Studio

1st entry: And the door opens… (lawl~ that’s soo Skip Beat! xD)

The first one was about their recording. She was saying that Kyoko was a difficult character to portray but I think she enjoyed voicing her anyway.

She took a picture of the “LoveMe” cake xD (pic below)

OMG! LoveMe Cake! xD

She mentioned that everyone were saying it was awesome and stuff and so that’s when she took a pic of it. She also mentioned that it was big. Lawl (I want a piece! xD hahaha!)

By the end of the day she said that she was grateful for the staff who prepared the surprise. (cake, prolly :’p)

2nd entry: SkiBi 2…

This entry…this is what we’ve all been waiting for.

Us fans aren’t alone! Marina-san also wants a sequel! >_<

Marina-chan~ so cute! ♥

After the post-recording, I received flowers from our director~!! Of course, the others had some too

I requested a “sequel” to the director and to the music director but I’m not that eminent so I guess they wouldn’t approve….

In the original (I’m guessing she mean the manga, since she reads it too :’p) there will be lots of developments that I’m sure you’ll like, and the people who want to be Kyoko’s seiyuu are increasing….

If there won’t be a part 2, an OVA then…!

I want to do more~!

Meeh…I want more myself. >_<

So that’s it…there really isn’t a Skip Beat sequel for us fans…but, hopefully the producers would think about it so that we can have our sequel >w<

As for the 3rd entry, she only mentions that she tries her heart-sunglasses on that she brought accidentally with her, she put it on after the recording for Skip Beat. :’p (the picture that you see at the top of this blog entry x’p)

Marina-san’s so cute…although she has an unlikely voice. Reminds me of Park Romi-san for being so pretty and yet has a deep voice. x’p

I’m not sure how many episodes the anime really has but it’ll be clear once we see the 25th episode.

But she says it doesn’t have a sequel (yet xD) so…bah!

Anyways…MANY, MANY thanks to Mei-chan for taking the time to translate the blog entries for me.

Hugs and kisses, TF. ♥ Luff ya. x’3
I’ll do my best on that Fuuko drawing for you~ ♥ ;’D
お任せ下さい! ^_^


96 thoughts on “Skip Beat!: Second season, yes or no?

  1. misuko says:

    New Skip Beat season? GOD YES.

  2. lina says:

    plzzzzzz tell her to try to make a second season!!!!!
    i really want to see it T^T
    i hope these producers are smart enough to make another season because if they want money they know whats good for them $_$

  3. jessie says:

    yes there most deff should be a second Season!!!!!!!!!!! and on the anime TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! because i was reading the book at the same to see where it would end and it prety much ended at the 12 book or at the begining of the 13th book i loved the anime series but hated the ending im still reading the manga and still loving it it makes me feel better to read it and i can reflect some of the things from the manga and the anime into my own life. so please keep up the good work ^^ a loving and caring fan

  4. nouran says:

    i want asecond season please >> i like skip beat soooooooooo much .

  5. Kuchiki Nara says:

    I LIKE TO WATCH THE ANIME coz it’s so incredible fantastic story that i ever seen…
    it’s so coooolllll…i love it!!!
    Please make the season 2..
    i’ll wait for it!!!

  6. Kera says:

    I love skip beat too. I really want to see how it ebds with sho and ren.

  7. Lily To says:


  8. Earl's says:

    Please second season!!!!!!!!

  9. Ellie says:

    There is a rumor going around that a second season will begin October this year. J
    ust look it up on google – I really am hopping it’s true but I’m not counting on it… >_<

  10. Ellie says:

    (Sorry to double post)
    But maybe if you signed this pention (that they make a second season of Skip Beat) it will help:

  11. maya says:

    i want more~~~~~ plz……

  12. amine says:

    if anyone reads this and thinks there should be a season 2 PLEASE sign this petition!!! its been waaaaaaaaaaay to long and no season 2 is out!! and that suuux soo pleaaase !! if this petition helps at all please sign it!!!!

  13. amine says:

    oow yaaa and i think someone should make a facebook pag saying to sign this petition if they want a season 2!! XDDD

  14. Ana filipa says:

    oooh please do the scond season!!! 😀
    I’m curious. it’s not far to end an anime like that! you can’t let down your fans! so please do it 😀

  15. saman says:

    oh plz i want the second season i loved the first one..cant go on like this..

  16. Yasmin says:

    Skip Beat season 2 where are youuuuuuuuu ….!!!????????

  17. JOJO says:

    Hello to all, what about the producers and staff on SKIP BEAT Why do not want to work the second season of the anime, for the first time that the desire of many viewers to anime to do another season they Aihtajon to sign the petition Valanme successful non-signing of the success rate 10000000000000%, only told us if there is a season or Not tired of the long wait, and not enough mangoes to never

  18. Kyoko says:

    there has to be more .. to cut it off like that is crule

  19. Nanan says:

    What kind of RUBBISH is this. No more skip beat. You people are the worst. It like kicking a hurt puppy or taking candy from a baby. DONT START NOTHING IF YOUR NOT GONNA FINISH IT. DIGUSTING

  20. Agea says:

    I(We) want more seasons. Please listen to your fans. We want to hear to “second season will be in …. month…

  21. DeathNote.fan1 says:


    i really want to see skip beat! second season. Well…WE all want to see it. Me, my sister and my other friends (TOLD THEM ABOUT THE ANIME) really want to see it. We were told that the second season would be out on october. But then that was pushed back, so when is it going to be out?

    I mean you’ve already started the anime, so WHY NOT FINISH it?

    the manga’s still ongoing, and yes we’ve been reading it but we really want to see it as an anime!


    I’m begging you (WE are BEGGING YOU!)

    • Wija says:

      well, no matter how much we all beg, i doubt they’ll do it…
      the thing really isn’t “you start, you should finish it,” that’s not how it goes for the animanga industry…
      like what friend had said after your comment, when a manga title gets an anime, it’s usually to advertise the manga so it would get more sales. according from what i’ve found out while reading through mangas, is if the manga is VERY popular and gets asked for more copies to be made (maybe an approximate of hundreds of thousands) then there’s a possibility of it getting an anime.
      so it really depends on both the readers and the watchers. it’s a give and take relationship, i guess you could call it that.

      (and by the way, Skip Beat! getting a second season is all but a rumour, i’m sorry to say. so nothing got pushed back…it does not exist to begin with.)

  22. friend says:

    most of the anime are just for advertising like this one. they dont want to make second season so that people will buy manga.. thats just how it works in anime/manga business..

    • Wija says:

      that is very true!
      though sometimes, they do finish the whole thing. see Fullmetal Alchemist, as example.
      as for shoujo titles, Ultra Maniac, for starters… maybe even the Card Captor Sakura series? more titles i could mention, really.

  23. Lela-Kyoko says:

    Yes second season i ve been waiting almost 2 years i hope they will make second season T.T

  24. natalie says:

    pleAse let there be a second season of skip beat please please please please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. shanniee says:

    lols. awwwww. that cake does loook good. i love cake ❤

    ~mhmmmmm, i hope there's a second season to skip beat tooo. xD it's soo funny. i love it !!! Xp

  26. Viona says:

    OMG tell me that the second seoson is coming???? im conna go crazy if not.

  27. hannah! says:

    ok seriously there NEEDS to be a second episode. im obsessed with this show! skip beat! is one of the best shows ive ever watched! the ending left sooooo much to be said. they need to finish it! and soon! >:D

  28. ME says:


  29. ME says:

    2nd Season NOW

  30. Alzam says:

    i want so many season please

  31. tunde says:

    yeeees please

  32. kumiko130 says:

    I want a “nd season and a 3rd season too .D Please I miss them ❤

  33. Lunar Lockheart says:

    I really want a season 2 of skip beat i want to know if kyoko got revenge on sho and if ren ever showed his feelings to kyoko.The ending was inconclusive and anoyingly blank! Season two, where are you?

    • Wija says:

      if you continue to read through the manga, you’ll know what happens though.
      besides, judging how long it has been, it doesn’t seem like this’ll never get a sequel…ever. (though i’d like to stay positive, so i’ll be a bit hopeful at least)

  34. moon says:

    How many years and we still want skip beat season 2 .. Is this not enough to make skip beat 2? .. Realy that sad thing

  35. dode says:

    I love it..skip beat ” it’s make me in othet world …..I miss Rain

  36. dode says:

    إنمي خقق اموت على رين so yes….

  37. dode says:

    ياسس yes….

  38. rayan says:

    i want more , SKIP beat

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