first impressions: Berserk

Hi guys, it’s been awhile, huh? I’ve been wanting for sooooo long to actually write up something, to be honest, but for some odd reason, my motivation always fails me.

Anyways, this time around, I’m trying to change my ways. So here I am!

So for today, I’m writing about my impression on the anime title, Berserk. Hehe, I know, I know, such an OLD anime…but I heard it’s getting a movie next year! Well, I only did find out after I watched the first episode though. Hahaha! (Though, how old or new a title is, doesn’t matter to me ^ 3^/)

Anyway, to be perfectly honest, I had no idea what the whole concept or plot of the series was all about. All I knew was that the title is a seinen, and I have no qualms about that genre–to be honest, I kind of like it; I’ve grown fond of the genre through the years, I guess.

So this first two episodes that I’ve just recently watched had me gripping on my seat–metaphorically speaking, of course.

Guts has a past that I would love to know all about. He’s a well built, who seem to have lost his left hand, and fights with a sword bigger than he is. He comes into the story involuntarily saving a young girl from being abused by men in a pub by slaughtering some of them with his arrows, and some with the huge sword from his back. But before he leaves, he warns the only lone survivor to tell his master about him, “The Black Swordsman.”

He seems to be searching for something, from what I’ve seen from the first episode. (although I can’t remember very well since I watched that a couple of days ago) Aside from searching something, he seems to be fervently searching for “someone” as well… Well, one is an understatement, “some people,” I suppose. It would seem to be that way…and it also seems to me that they’ve wronged him somehow, and he wants payback. But I could be wrong… It’s just still speculations! I’d have to continue watching it.

On the second episode, we see Guts’s past where he first meets Griffith. Another main character in the series, from the looks of it. Aside from Griffith, there’s also Caska. A dark skinned, yet attractive woman who seems to be a toughie on the outside. From what I’ve seen of her and Guts’ interactions, this could be a foreshadow of a deeper relationship in the near future, but that’s just me. (I can’t help it, my antenna is responding!)

In that second episode, Guts tries to settle how his life will go by dueling with Griffith. If he wins, he’ll poke a hole through Griffith’s chest with his enormous sword. But if Griffith wins, he can do whatever he wishes to the former.

If I were to choose a side who might win, I think…Griffith.

Guts is injured, since he was attacked by Griffith’s men – of course, not by his orders – although Guts easily won against two of four of them, but with the other two at a disadvantage, Griffith orders Caska to help them. He easily overpowers Caska, but before he could kill her off with one swift plow, Griffith rescues her–but Guts attacks him instead, and even though Guts had more free movement, Griffith easily stabbed him with his rapier (or sword) on his chest, leaving him unable to fight back, and he faints…which then, eventually, leads up to Guts ending up in Griffith’s camp, where he asks Guts to join him. And after that, that’s when Guts tells him he refuses and wants to duel him to settle how both their futures will go.

Of course, there’s a high chance Guts could still win even if he is indeed injured. he’s the main character 😛 lmao

But anyway…so far so good! I’m slowly liking it, even though that’s just a couple of episodes. Usually, I sort it out when I’ve watched up to the 3rd episode, and we’ll see how I like the story so far by then, and if I don’t, I drop it. Simple as that. But this title have caught my attention more after this episode. I am interested how everything will fall into place. What is Guts searching for in the present time of the story? Whatever happened to Griffith in present time? (aside from him becoming the King, of course) What will be the outcome of Guts and Griffith’s fight in the past? Who are these beings that Guts seem to hold a grudge against? And whatever happened to that man that Guts saw in his dream who said “you killed me” at him? So many questions I want answered! And I will make it a goal to find out!

So yea, time for sleep first…when I wake up later, I’ll get down to watching the next episodes.

So for now, I’ll be seeing you. (* U*)/

I haven’t written in over 2 years, so don’t expect this post to make much sense, especially at 5 in the morning. LMAO


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