Skip Beat! Anime: What could have been…

So I’ve been pondering… As the years go by, we get more female-oriented titles being made into anime. So that made me wonder:

What if the series got decided to be turned into anime at this time, and by a different production company, would it have gotten more popular and MIGHT even get a second season?

Taken from the 5pb PS2 otome game.

With that in mind, I answered myself. “Possibly.”

Let’s see, I’d point out an example, though one is not shoujo, but is actually josei. First is a newly turned anime, which came out  last year. It’s going to be getting a 2nd season sometime this year. This series is called, “Chihayafuru.”

This series is about a Japanese sport called, Karuta. Where they have hundreds of poems, a poem written on each cards. To play, 100 cards each are laid in front of two opponents, and the person who has touched/gets ahold of more cards than the other while they listen to the speaker, will get ahead.

The story revolves around Chihaya, who found a special love for playing Karuta when her classmate, Arata, introduces it to her one day. Arata takes the sport seriously, and is very talented at it… While Chihaya knew little about it. Though a newbie, she concentrates, eventually getting at least ONE card pass Arata. He tells her that she can do it as well as he realized that she has the ability to know which poem was about to be said by listening hard, and she, along with their other classmate – Taichi – form a group, and they play with other karuta players at tournaments during their childhood days. This title has a bit of romance in it as a mix. Though not the main point of the story, I guess it isn’t such a minor issue either.

The 2nd title I’m going to introduce next is “Nana.

I’m not going to lie, I took both titles I like, and by the same production company. I guess, I don’t have to point it out, but I’ll do so anyway…later.

Nana, is about a young woman who decides to move to Tokyo to live with her boyfriend; on the way there, she meets this other woman named, Oosaki Nana. Oddly, they are both named Nana, she being Komatsu Nana. However, Komatsu Nana eventually find outs that her boyfriend was cheating on her, so she decides to move out. She, in due course finds an apartment, the 7th room at the 7th floor of a building. She finds Oosaki Nana in this apartment who was also looking for an apartment to rent, and they finally work out a bargain that they’ll share the apartment as they both don’t have the right amount of money to rent it as an individual; That was ultimately beginning of the two Nana’s friendship.

These two titles were animated by MADHOUSE Studios. Yes, the same studio that animated Death Note, Monster; However, don’t fret since aside from psychological, or thriller titles like that, they’ve worked on shounen titles as well, and it may seem odd, but A LOT of other shoujo titles as well. Mostly by CLAMP: Kobato, Card Captor Sakura, X, and the likes… They also used to work on most of Kon Satoshi’s works when he was still alive.

Can you name all the titles shown in this picture?

So, I was thinking, if Skip Beat! had been animated NOW, we’d most likely get more episodes than the 25 planned. Assuming it’ll become more popular to the audiences, also putting in to mind that the manga has more chapters out now than it had back then. If by MADHOUSE, the art would even be more superb. (When they animated NANA, the title seemed to have been planned for over 40 episodes.)

Madhouse tend to follow the manga like their bible, the art style, and the situations, as closely as possible. Most of their shoujo titles have been animated to be beautiful, and dazzling, and like most of their shows, they make the animation really SHINY! (lol)

As an example, it’ll look like what 5pb did on the PlayStation 2 game. Only Madhouse will really follow the art style off the manga more closely.

Maybe even J.C. Staff could do some great work… However, the amount of work might be too much for them, so a lot of episodes would seem impossible for them. Maybe the budget might not even suffice…

So if I were to choose, I’d really go for Madhouse. The company is also a big one, seeing as they don’t only create anime TV series, they make a lot of animated movies, and animation of Western shows, recently, Supernatural, and made animated shows out of the Marvel titles.

Not saying HAL did horribly, it’s just, I’m picky, most especially when it comes to things I SERIOUSLY ADMIRE.

I mean, HAL did great animating this parts of the anime… Mostly the close ups like this (of Ren. xD)

And Skip Beat, being one of them… I feel that it needs “PERFECTION,” and to achieve that, I put Madhouse up that pedestal. I’d actually want to point out that, the supposed humour that made Skip Beat! one of the best shoujo titles of this time was not really adapted well when HAL tried it… It lacks an essence, it didn’t catch the humour of the original somehow, which I was actually very hopeful about.

Wanting Madhouse to animate the shoujo title is purely just my opinion though…since the studio is my favourite anime production studio, it has never let me down yet. (Except for one, maybe.)

But hey, don’t let me just talk and talk here, if you guys have your opinion, be my guest, and do share it with us…

PS. If MADHOUSE animated Skip Beat!, Ren BJ would look something like this, prolly… (This is not BJ, this is Alucard from the Hellsing Ultimate OVAs. Just saying.)

Well, I’ve said my opinion out there… What do you guys think? Any particular animation production in mind, if it’s possible to get a remake? Leave a comment!


3 thoughts on “Skip Beat! Anime: What could have been…

  1. kleycyene says:

    Skip Beat is an anime and manga so perfect!
    I do not understand why it was not released the second season. I really want to see. I made up a Facebook page for the anime becomes more and more known here in Brazil. Please re-launch the anime. Love it.

  2. Lavi says:

    Even if I watch the anime first after reading the manga some escenes were censored and honestly Ren looks better in the manga than the anime and yes MADHouse definitely is the best option.
    If there´s a second season I hope MADHouse works in the project and keep the original seiyuus from the first anime.

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