Skip Beat! Drama CDs Update

According to this blog I came across with while searching google for Skip Beat! drama CDs, there has been actually… 2 drama CD releases now (if you disregard the very first one before the anime came out, of course). The newest one was just released today. (Luckily I was online on my twitter else I probably would not have known)

EDIT: Update on the 2nd Drama CD release.

I got the news that there’s actually a new drama cd released today from Tsuruga Ren’s anime voice actor, Konishi Katsuyuki, when he tweeted it on his twitter.

It translates: “Skip Beat’s drama cd attached to Hana to Yume has come out. If you’re all okay with it, please get one~.”

The first one, “BLACK Drama CD” focuses on the Heel siblings. According to the official HanaYume blog, this part is from the “The Dark Breath” Arc. They use the 2008 anime casting, adding a new character in from the manga: Jelly Woods.


  • Mogami Kyoko … Inoue Marina
  • Tsuruga Ren … Konishi Katsuyuki
  • Lory Takarada … Ishii Kouji
  • Kotonami Kanae … Hayamizu Risa
  • Jelly Woods … Kaida Yuki

This drama cd was released August 21 with last year’s (2012) issue no. 18 of HanaYume. It included an alarm clock of Cain Heel (pictured below) with a speaking voice done by Ren’s VA with the subtitle saying 「時間だ。今すぐ起きるか、一日俺とベッドで過ごすか・・・選べ。」which translates to “It’s time. Wake up now or, spend the whole day in bed with me… Choose.” (If I were to choose of course I’ll choose the 2nd option, Ren… I mean, Cain-nii-sama… //laughs.)

BLACKドラマCD カイン兄さんの時計

The 2nd drama CD titled, “KISS×KISS Drama CD Valentine Weapon” just got released today, January 19, in Japan with this year’s issue no. 4 of HanaYume. It focuses on Valentine’s Day where Ren and Shou fight over who gets Kyoko’s chocolate. From what I’ve gathered, this drama cd will have two tracks. The first one with Shou’s kiss, while the 2nd track with Ren’s kiss.



  • Mogami Kyoko … Inoue Marina
  • Tsuruga Ren … Konishi Katsuyuki
  • Fuwa Shou … Miyano Mamoru
  • Yashiro Yukihito … Kawanago Masahito
  • Ogata Hiroaki … Fujita Yoshinori
  • Momose Itsumi … Nabatame Hitomi
  • Oohara Airi … Yoshida Mami

From what I’ve gathered so far, you can subscribe to Hana to Yume’s monthly releases from CDJapan. If you are willing to do so to get quick releases from the magazine. Searching however for these individual issues are hard to find and they could be out of stock by now (at least for issue 18 of last year). However, if I find any results, I’ll likely post them up.


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