impressions: Kotoura-san


I’ve already watched 3 episodes of this show, and each time I always wanted to write up a blog entry to express how I feel about it. I’m not saying it’s one of the greatest shows I’ve watched in awhile, but well, I think for comedy and drama, you can say this one is right under AIC’s other work, Acchi Kocchi for comedy. (Which is one great short slice of life, and hilarious anime. You should give it a try if you haven’t yet.) And as for drama, it’s pretty continuous, unlike most shows that air these days, so it’s hard which title to mention that slightly even resembles it.


❝Kotoura Haruka is a young girl who has the ability to read minds. As a child this ability has caused rifts between her and her parents, and they’ve all separated since then. She then moves into a different high school, wanting to start anew by not getting close to anyone so that she or anyone she cared about won’t get hurt ever again. However, her determination wavers when she meets her new classmate, Manabe Yoshihisa. What new things will they discover as they both start liking each other in this love comedy anime?❞


Kanemoto Hisako, Fukushima Jun, Hanazawa Kana, Shimono Hiro, Kubo Yurika, Inoue Kikuko…

Usually, seiyuus pull me into new animes coming out every season if not the character design or production company. The only one I knew in this one was Shimono Hiro and Hanazawa Kana, which are both of my favourite voice actors to date. (Especially Hirotan. LOL) So they were the kickstarters to decide if I was gonna check the title. Of course I forget that was the case though after awhile, and then I saw the trailer. I thought, “Hey it seems funny, why not give it a try?” Since I do like funny titles, cue Acchi Kocchi and/or WORKING!! in there. (Those two ended up being one of my favourite funny titles up to date, as well.) I wasn’t actually expecting to get a dose of drama in the first episode though! But yes, this series does have it. It kicks you hard in the nuts, if not a punch in the boob if you’re a girl, like me. Hahaha.

Of course, I’m not saying this is a bad thing (no, I don’t mean the nut-kicking or boob-punching) because the anime does deliver. Surprisingly. You’d have to go through that first episode to know how it feels, I suppose. It definitely was not a waste of time though.


Despite being a melancholy character at the start of the series… Haruka has shown different expressions after she meets Manabe. They make up a great pair. She’s the shy misunderstood girl, while he’s the idiot pervert with nothing but raunchy ideas in his head… Though I guess his weirdness was what pulled Haruka from that hole she was keeping herself in, and he did it without even trying, which makes him the best character to bring her true self out from the dark.

Though I said the show does get better because of the humour added in… It does get “better” with the drama as well. If you’ve put yourself into these characters after the first episode, there’s no telling how you will react to any kind of horrible things that will happen to any of them sooner or later in the show. Though don’t let me be the one to just tell you, go find out for yourself. Because like I said, despite being a dramatic, love comedy, this show is worth the watch.

It sure has pulled me in despite being bothered at first because of the character design, mainly because of Manabe’s eyes. The humour, and even its drama has captured my heart in every episode. Even characters that seem evil – except maybe towards her mother, no – I’ve already empathized with.


Every character is lovable, I think. I think I won’t talk much about Haruka, since she’s the main character, and we’ll see most of her thoughts brought to light than most of the characters. Though we do see thoughts of the other characters, thanks to her.

Manabe Yoshihisa is your typical perverted, healthy high school boy, and main lead… At first we see him thinking up of an imagination which turned really funny and weird, that even Haruka wasn’t sure what she just saw in his head. He’s the first one to ever accept her ability other than her grandfather, and this makes her open up to him slowly. However, at the beginning, they might have to clear a lot of things up, and so far, it really seems like he likes Haruka quite a lot.

Mifune Yuriko is one of Haruka’s upperclassmen. She recruits her into her ESP Research Club because she truly believes in her ability, but underlying that seems a more darker past. Despite wanting a deeper need for Haruka and her abilites, her childhood friend notes that she is not good at being a villain.

Muroto Daichi is also one of Haruka and Manabe’s upperclassmen, he is also Yuriko’s childhood friend. He is tiny compared to everyone, even mistaken as an elementary kid by Haruka the first time they met. He wears glasses, and his mouth is usually seen puckered up like a fish. Despite his size and the way he looks, he is respected, and has a mature outlook, and usually the voice of reason of the members of the club, especially his childhood friend’s.

Moritani Hiyori is one of Haruka and Manabe’s classmates. She lives in a home with a dojo, which she was always embarrassed to talk about as a child. It always made her uncomfortable when this topic was brought up, but Manabe change her impression when he said that having one was actually cool. From then on, she’s harboured a liking towards him and always tried to invite him, which he always somehow dodged by rejecting it without knowing the deeper meaning behind them. Because of her feelings for Manabe, she’ll be the one to bring upon the hurt feelings Haruka has tried to lock within her heart to rise up once again.

Well, Hiyori isn’t lovable, I guess. At least not yet. But form that latest episode, I believe she will have a change of heart. And that’s what I’d like to see soon.


The animation may have slight inconsistencies. Though it could just be me, I see it at one point, and it’s more of the feel because I can’t actually really pinpoint which I think is off. But aside from that, there really isn’t any problem with the animation. Solid colours, and movements, funny expressions done well. Like I said, Manabe’s character design bothered me at the beginning but I got used to him later on in the episodes.


I don’t remember them…very well… This goes for the bgm, at least… I guess you could say they’re not memorable, to me, at least. Except for the opening and ending themes though. Those are catchy to me, and I like them very much. Nakajima Megumi (中島愛) sings the opening, while the ending is sung by Chisuga Haruka (千菅春香). The opening is very catchy, and the constant amount of times where “koshi”, “demo” and “yoshi” might help why, also the fact that Mamegu’s soothing voice sang this song. The ending on the other hand is more mellow and kind of gives you a bit of sad tone, which links you to the fact that the show isn’t just funny but also has its serious parts it wants to portray: Haruka’s dark and lonely past, on her way to a brighter future, hopefully.


I wasn’t really expecting much, really. I always surprise myself with new titles from every season, I never know anything, and what really helps me in deciding if I am going to try it out is the casting and character designs – and again, possibly, also the production company. So when I saw the trailer and the mini-intro episode, I wasn’t sure what to think. I wasn’t surprise, but I just didn’t seem to mind. I looked more forward to it, I think.


All in all, going through the first 3 episodes of the show, I’ve gotten quite a ride. A good one, since even with all the drama, and all the emotions I’ve felt for Haruka’s situations… I like the show, and the more I watch, the more I like it. So far, I’m giving it a 3.5 out of 5I can’t wait for more episodes to come, because that 3rd episode left me sad and hanging so I look forward to what’s going to happen next. AIC is doing great with this so far; it’s never easy pulling off adaptations from manga’s. Sometimes, even if they put comedy in, it’s not actually funny and it feels forced. So far, this show doesn’t have that, which I’m glad that I picked this one up.


4 thoughts on “impressions: Kotoura-san

  1. This series is definitely one of my favorites for the winter line up. The first 11 minutes were heart breaking, but it helped develop the main character in a way that makes me happy every time she is happy.

    Major props for the detail in your post. Excellent review based on the first 3 episodes.

    • Wija says:

      Thank you. It’s one of mine, as well.
      I actually have a hard time writing up blog entries. Oddly, I was hyped up to write this one that I was even able to publish it… (lol) It seems fresh, and I think I liked that about it a lot, which is probably why I added so many things I liked about it as well. Hehe. Thank you again for reading my review. 😀

      • Well it is extremely well written, so reading it was my pleasure. Not many people take the time to review a series and describe it with this level of detail. Check out what I’m watching and hit me up on MAL sometime if you want to chat about a series we have in common or if you want to recommend something to me.

      • Wija says:

        Aww shucks! (❀◡‿◡)
        I added you on MAL, just need confirmation 😀
        And I see our anime compatibility is Medium-High. I should check your list sometime. (^∀^)b

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