news: Hal Movie + Cast & PV Revealed


“I want you to live once again.”

Hal is a movie about a girl named Kurumi who closed her heart after the death of her beloved Haru. However, one day he is brought to life once again but only as a robot that looks a lot like him. Moments of complication arises as this Robot-Haru visits her in her home saying he will help her, but she rejects him saying “You’re not Haru.” How will the lives of this two fair in this near-future love story?

This original animated movie was first announced in the January issue of  the shoujo manga magazine, Betsuma (Bessatsu Margaret), announcing that Sakisaka Io (Strobe Edge, Aoharaido) drew the character designs for the title, and it will be released on June 8 of this year.

The main cast and promotional video have also been released recently on the official website, also sporting a new poster on the front page.


Haru is played by Hosoya Yoshimasa (Chihayafuru, Sakamichi no Apollon), while Kurumi is played by Hikasa Youko (K-ON!).  

Promotional Video

New Site Poster

"I always thought we'd be together forever..."

“I always thought we’d be together forever…”


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